Sunday, May 13, 2012

M3 Fest Day 1 @ Merriweather 5/11/2012

My Buddy Tony and I were pumped for M3 coming back to Merriweather Post Pavillion. We vowed to go both days this year. First up, the Kix-off party with the Kix band, Night Ranger, and Enuff Z'Nuff. Tony's a big Enuff Z'nuff fan. I'm a bit lukewarm on them. I've seen them open a couple of times. Kix I love. Night Ranger I'd never seen live before. Tony's cousins joined us later, I think in time for KIX. Scalped tickets for $20@. Didn't get a chance to check out any of the merch

We got there around 6:30, hang around a bit and roll in around 6:50, when Enuff Z'Nuff was supposed to be playing (6:45). Things seemed to be running a little late- Tony theorized because of the mic/drum kit set up for Night Ranger- not many other bands have a singer/drummer.

Enuff Z'Nuff came out and was very Beatles-esque. A few of their songs would totally be hits on the radio if it was another band who did them and Chip or whomever wrote it for them. The singer looked like he was channeling John Lennon. They were alright, but I really could have done without the Beatles cover. I really dislike that song. A fun fact was that Tony was more enthusiastic than the band about their set. jeez.

Night Ranger came on and played a couple songs that I didn't expect them to (ex: Eddie..). They sounds very good. My favourites of the set: "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" and "HIGH ENOUGH." Mr Nugent and Mr Shaw and Mr Blades need to talk about a tour.

The Kix band finally came on and like always, did NOT disappoint. Something was wrong with the mix for the first couple of songs, but then it got straightened out. Pretty standard setlist from Kix. no complaints, but it would be nice to hear a deep cut :3 Steve had the bucket, the umbrella, and then the balloons all at the right times/songs. Totally worth going to see Kix and night Ranger was a nice bonus. Enuff Znuff...well we could have just napped in the car a bit.

Enuff Znuff
  • Heaven or Hell
  • Kitty 
  • Baby loves you
  • We're all alright
  • ?
  • ?
  • There goes my heart
  • Fly high Michelle
  • Come together (Beatles cover)
  • New Thing

Night Ranger
  • Lay it on me
  • Send me away
  • Rumors in the air
  • Growing up in California
  • The Secret of my success
  • Midnight madness
  • Keyboard interlude
  • Sentimental street
  • Eddie's comin out tonight
  • HIGH ENOUGH  (Damn Yankees)
  • 4 in the morning
  • When you Close Your Eyes
  • Don't Tell Me You Love Me
  • Sister Christian
  • You can still rock in America

  • Hot wire
  • Heartache
  • The Itch 
  • Same Jane  
  • Cold shower  
  • Girl money 
  • Don't close your eyes 
  • No ring around Rosie  
  • Lie like a rug
  • Midnight Dynamite
  • Cold blood
  • Drum soloish
  • Blow my fuse
  • Solo
  • Yeah yeah yeah