Sunday, May 13, 2012

M3 Fest Day 2 @ Merriweather- 5/12/2012

Went to 2nd day of M3 Festival with Tony and Milla came along for a bit too. It was quite hot outside and I was a bit regretting long pants. We saw NO scalpers (way different from last year), and had to get tickets at the counter ($40@- which is not a bad price at all considering the number of bands).

We got there a bit before LA Guns was slated to go on (2:15PM, but we were waiting for Milla and just relaxing. Tony wasn't too pressed about missing a couple LA Guns songs. We heard the last couple of XYZ songs while walking in, so we figured things were running about 15 minutes behind. I think we heard "Sex Action" as we were walking to the WC/beer area.

We headed over to hear Bang Tango, whom Tony and I were pumped for. HOWEVER they had a pretty horrible setlist. I don't know WHY they picked so many new songs (that didn't sound good..). At least Joe was trying, which is more than I can say for Don Dokken, later.

Dokken came on the main stage, and sounded great...until Don started 'singing.' He lacked any emotion, motivation, conviction, or energy. I was very disappointed because last year he totally sounded great and wanted to be there. He made a remark about being off of drugs... he shoulda got back on em to sing better. The band sounded good, but Don just was disrespectful phoning in the performance like that.

Loudness started partway on Dokken's last song, and started with the killer "Crazy Nights." They sounded great, and were in similar shape as when we saw them last year. They played several songs that I didn't know, but they all sounded very good. Professional, energetic, and worlds different from Don.

Warrant (sans the deceased Jani Lane) were on next, and I knew they would be good. They delivered for the most part. Except, they too were victim to the  'hey lets play a bunch of new songs' syndrome. Apart from that, they were solid.

Lynch Mob was up next- we were hoping they'd play some Dokken songs (or even the same Dokken set) and blow Don off the stage. They played nearly all Lynch Mob songs (a couple Lynch-Pilson ones tho I think). I dunno why George opted to play Mr. Scary during his short set, and as early as they did... regardless they kept up the Warrant-high. Milla left during the last song.

The "All Star" Jam (not really full of All-Stars except the Appices) consisted of the Appice drummer brothers, the bassist and guitar player from Stryper, Warrant's singer, and a couple other guys. They played a very short set of covers. I dunno why only 3 songs. Sounded good tho.

Quiet Riot (sans the deceased Kevin DuBrow) had a new singer and I was amazed as to how close to Kevin he sounded. They sounded pretty good, but they shoulda been earlier on the bill I thought. Pleasantly surprised, but Warrant shoula played this slot probably.

Next up was the oddly chosen Queensryche. They started off on the wrong foot by playing 2 songs that sucked. Geoff sounded great, but he was singing songs that didn't sound good. Also, their whole vibe was the serious/progressive as opposed to fun/party/lighthearted. While putting on a good performance, they just killed the 'good times' vibe that was going on. I think they woulda been a better choice for the Rob Zombie/Megadave show the next day. Oh well.

Skid Row capitalized on Queensryche's buzzkill and totally kicked ass. I thought their singer was going to be crap compared to Bach, but he actually was really good- a fitting replacement. They only had one new song, and otherwise were hit after hit- their one new song was short. I think we sang/yelled along for the last half of their set. I was feeling horse at that point- and Ratt wasn't even on yet! They put on my favourite performance of the day.

Ratt rolled out to a very enthusiastic crowd after an Eddie Trunk introduction. I have no complaints- they sounded great, nice n loud, and they played the silly "Way Cool Jr." along with like all of their hits. I think they had reunited with their original bass player, Juan. Their set was over at around 11, which was a bit earlier than I thought (Kix played until around 11:30 the night before). I think they were the best band of the day, but not my favourite.

Overall a great concert, despite being hella tired, man. Looking forward to next year and what their lineup will be!

LA Guns
  • Sex Action
  • Never enough
  • You better not love me (New song)
  • Revolution
  • Sleazy come easy go 
  • Electric. Gypsy
  • Ballad of Jane
  • Rip n tear
Bang Tango
  • Hey Hey Hey find your way (new)
  • Ready to go
  • Attack of life
  • ? (new song)
  • Soul 2 soul
  • Someone like like you
  • Kiss of death
  • The Hunter
  • You just got lucky
  • Into the fire
  • Drums mini solo
  • Breaking the chains
  • Alone again
  • Its not love
  • Tooth and nail
  • In my dreams

  • Rock n roll crazy nights
  • Crazy doctor
  • Let it go
  • Drums
  • ? (New song)
  • ? (New song)
  • Rock this Way
  • Down boys
  • Innocence Gone
  • Sometimes she cries
  • Life's a Song (new)
  • Drfsr
  • I saw red
  •  ? (new song)
  • Home (new song)
  • Sex Ain't Love (?)
  • Heaven
  • Uncle tom cabin 
  • Cherry pie
Lynch Mob
  • She's so evil but she's mine
  • River of love
  • Mr scary
  • Where do you Sleep at Night?
  • Sweet sister mercy
  • Wicked sensation
"All Star" Jam ( warrant singer , Carmine, Vinnie ,bassist and guitarist from Stryper)
  • Rainbow in the dark (DIO cover)
  • All right now (Free cover)
  • Heaven and hell (Black Sabbath cover)
 Quiet Riot
  • Run for cover
  • Slick black Cadillac 
  • Mama Weer all crazy now
  • Sign of the times
  • Loves a bitch
  • Cum on feel the the noize 
  • Metal health 
  • Get Started
  • Damaged
  • I don't believe in love
  • Hit the Black
  • I'm  American 
  • NM 156
  • Screaming in Digital 
  • Lady wore Black
  • Walk in the shadows 
  • Silent lucidity 
  • Jet city woman
  • Empire
  • Eyes of a stranger

Skid Row
  • Star spangled banner
  • Big guns
  • Piece of me
  • New Generation
  • Slave to Grind
  • I remember you
  • Monkey business
  • 18 n life
  • Youth gone wild 
  • Drums
  • Dangerous but worth the risk
  • Scene of the crime (Mic went out )
  •  In your direction
  • Wanted man
  • I'm insane
  • Lay it down
  • Lack of communication
  • Way cool junior 
  • You think you're tough
  • Nobody rides for Free
  • Body talk
  • Back for more
  • You're in love
  • Round n round