Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Cult @ The Fillmore, 06/12/2012

I went with my buddy Tony to see The Cult @ The Fillmore in Silver Spring. We got there around 8:30 or so. We noticed The Cult would be on at 10:15 (clearly posted). I thought closer to 10, because of the 2 openers. Well we had 0 interest seeing either opener, so we went to the pub for a bit. It looked like a LOT of people were there, which surprised me. I forgot to get Steel Panther tickets.
I hadn't seen The Cult before, and Tony hadn't been to the Fillmore before. I obviously like their hard rock and metal stuff, but their ...mystic Indian whatever you wanna call it stuff is pretty good too. In a different way. So I went in with the setlist, and some lowered expectations (based on songs picked).

At around 10 we rolled in, checked out the merch (see pix), which was pretty expensive. I didn't get anything. There was merch for the openers too, but I was mainly concerned about what The Cult offered. It was really crowded when we stepped in, and we had to be at the back of the venue. I mean I knew they had a ...cult... following, but this seemed like an almost sold out show (see photos). I think people were still buying at the door, but talk about a healthy crowd...in terms of attendance.

I thought the crowd was pretty weak. Barely moving except during Fire Woman and maybe She Sells Sanctuary (and even then just a few groups of people near the front and a couple cute girls in the balcony). The crowd cheered a lot and loud after each song, so go figure. I'm used to more... interactive ...crowd experiences :3 Interesting was that you expectedly  saw people from all scenes and walks of life- metalheads, jocks, indie kids, old rockers, normal looking people, a couple lesbians, some bros, that big guy from 930 club with the gauges, couples, etc. So that was pretty cool.

Personally I was moving, nodding head and the like...and def was banging my head during the best song/heaviest song of the night: Rise. I wish they had played more off of Beyond Good and Evil, but the setlists before this date revealed only one other tour stop had Rise included. So we were lucky.  Some old timer was hoping they were going to play Horse Nation instead of Rise. I told him he was crazy.

Sonically, they sounded solid, no complaints. I woulda def had a different set list, of course. Their new stuff sounded the best I think (a pretty solid album, IMO). At one point Ian started singing some part (maybe 40 seconds) of what he said was a White Stripes/Jack White song. And I think he had some pejorative things to say about it. I couldn't quite tell what he was trying to do. It was not a good song. I think Ian kind of phoned in Fire Woman. It was lacking something. Such a great song...that he's probably sung a million times and is sick of it. Other than that and the setlist, no real complaints. I would def go see 'em again.  Ian was wearing some ridiculous fur lined jacket and what looked like warm up pants. I think they had Tempesta (of Robert Zombie fame)



Lil' Devil
Honey From a Knife
Fire Woman
The Wolf
Wild Flower
The Phoenix
For the Animals
She Sells Sanctuary
Love Removal Machine