Sunday, June 3, 2012

Marduk @ Sonar, 6/02/2012

Milla and I went to see 1349 and Marduk last night at Sonar in Baltimore, MD. I was not terribly familiar with either band, but thought it would be a good show from what I heard about the shows and from youtube. I don't go to many black metal shows either, so I wanted to expand a bit :3 I believe this was the first night of the tour (at least in the continental US, I think they played Puerto Rico the night before).

Got there around 9:20 or so, got the advertized free drink ticket for corpsepaint (there were about 7 people in corpsepaint, including me). Just as we entered the room, Weapon played their last note X___X; OH WELL. We made our way to redeem the free drinks and checked out the merch.

Merch: A bunch of stuff, 1349 had a bunch of CDs, $15@, 3 or 4 shirts (I got one) ($20), a beanie ($15), a DVD, LP. Marduk had a few shirts ($20), their new album, and I think an LP. Withered and Weapon had various shirts, CDs, and LPs.

Crowd: It was pretty packed, Sonar had them on some sort of side stage instead of the big warehouse stage I've seen. About 150 or so people. There was a guy in a polo shirt and plaid bro shorts in the pit X__X; A good number of Spanish/Mexican/Latin fans too. My cousins?

Withered looked like some generic dudes, but had a good atmospheric sound going for them. I couldn't make out anything in the vocals, and their crowd communication was limited to THANK YOU BALTIMORE \m/! I don't know why the bassist was in the middle of the stage, and the 2 guitarists/vocalists were on the sides. Odd. I thought they sounded good, and they set the tone well. The pits, I thought, would only get crazier for 1349 and Marduk!

1349 came on around 11, and the crowd got a bit more lively for them :3 They had a bit of a different sound, more of a galloping or the like to them. Whatever the case, I really enjoyed them. I again could not make out any words, and couldn't remember which songs I had previewed on youtube. I assume they played "Aural Hellfire." Their stage presence was pretty strong. I liked the bassist in his sith robe, and all the corpsepaints.

Marduk came on about 12:15 and we left around 1, so there were def more songs played. The crowd got really rowdy for them, and the pits got intense- almost all the way back to the merch tables. I was nearly caught in a mosh, and later discovered that my shirt had ripped. Ripped in that there was a chunk missing of it from the back Perhaps to be converted to a back patch? At one point some chap who was an uberfan was headbanging and generally enjoying the show and trying to get us a bit more pumped. Fun times \m/ I regret not knowing a single lyric X__X; Marduk, sonically, sounded a lot clearer than the other bands on the bill. I noticed a few songs where the BASS was clearly heard. I thought that was a bit different.


Horribly incomplete setlist (please let me know if you were there and know more detail)

  • on darkened wings
  • Nowhere, No-One, Nothing
  • The Black Tormentor of Satan
  • Serpent Ceremony
  • Still Fucking Dead (Here's No Peace)
  • Souls for Belial
  • ? (left around this time)
  • materialized in stone
  • baptism by fire
  • azrael
  • womb of perishableness
  • the sun has failed
  • panzer division marduk
  • with satan and victorious weapons