Sunday, July 8, 2012

Freaks United - 7/4/2012

Went with John n Kate to Freaks United in godforsakenDC on July 4th. I was not familiar with any of the bands except the Gothsicles,  but it sounded like an interesting time. And promise of visible fireworks, so that was cool too. So after the fantastic adventure of driving thru DC, road closures, pedestrians, horrible buses, and the heat, we get to some sort of industrial (no pun intended) area, and we see the venue is some sort of warehouse looking building, near a Pepco property... and a Dept of Homeland Security office? At one point I needed to go out and re-park my car, because there was a very non obvious sign to park back in instead of parallel. Blew my mind.

We caught some of the DC fireworks a block or 2 from the club (which, by the way apparently is some sort of male strip club or the like usually- note the 'no touching' photo). One of the people at the door mentioned this too. As the night went on, the regulars slowly trickled in and I think they went upstairs. 

There were a good number of people there, some I recognized from Midnight (Phoebe, Matt, that cross dressing dude). A number of...interestingly dressed... girls too. It was a pretty fun time overall. Nothing on draft, but the drink prices were alright. I think I captured way too many lasers on my photos....

 ESA had songs with little or no vox, and I couldn't make out what he was saying when he did have vox. It was OK, but I really didn't get into it. It was one guy.

The Gothsicles came on next and were very energetic and fun. I thought the vocals sucked/were annoying, but the combination of the energy, silliness, and the related video behind them made it work. I thought it was a great live performance, but not a band I'd get a CD of. They were NES/chiptunes/the like themed. On their Superhero song they apparently gave me a shoutout- I was wearing my Captain America flag shirt. I completely missed it. The two guys both came and chatted with me briefly at different times- they were pretty cool guys. Also, one of them wore a power glove during the performance!

Interface came on next, with a drummer, a keyboardist, and a vocalist. I thought they were my favourite of the night, music wise. They had a slow spot in the middle (keys solo- Katya, see the photo where it looks like the dancefloor is deserted). Their last several songs were faster/more my speed :3 I think they were from NYC.

Waste- 2 guys in... masks and at their keys/compys I thought were a waste of time. Their couple songs I heard were very trancelike, sounded alike, no vocals, and didn't seem to go anywhere. I think we rolled outside for a break after that 2nd song.

iVardensphere- came on waaay late (12:30 something) and we were debating on leaving or hearing a bit. I dunno what the deal with the bongos was, but they were nearly inaudible. A few guys were there on percussion and they had the guy from ESA on vocals for one song (couldn't make out any lyrics). I couldn't get into them- they just were a lot of drums and bass with electronic elements, that just didn't grab me/ The songs didn't seem to go anywhere. The samples I heard before sounded better, but whatever.

Merch- Gothsicles, Interface def had merch-shirts n CDs, stickers, etc. I got an Interface CD ($10). There was another side to the merch table that I can't recall what it had beyond t shirts (not sure who for).

Photos (with a ton of lasers):



Gothsicles (~8:35)
  • This Year's Password Is 'Party'
  • Save Dat Mermaid
  • My Guy Died (Level 12 Human Sorcerer)
  • Drunk Cuts
  • Who Wants to Join Our Super Hero Team? (Right Now, It's Just Me & Jim) 
  • b-r-[x]-a-n
  • Wearing a Star Trek Uniform,Watching Tony Lechmanski Sleep
  • BAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLSSSS (Prometheus Burning vs. The Gothsicles)
  • Eff the sun 
  • (I could never be) your woman (Cover  of White town)
  • Konami Code IV

  • within your reach?
  • Stateless?
  • Destination 
  • Age of Computers
  • Angels in disguise
  • Katya
  • Stranger in a strange land
  • Never say farewell
  • Body Flow
  • Energize
  • Faith in Nothing
  • Wasted time
? (heard like 2 songs that were very trancey / sounded the same... went outside)

drum intro
song w/ guy from ESA