Monday, July 23, 2012

My Enemy Complete @ The Meeting Place - 7/21/2012

DC area local alt/electronic ish My Enemy Complete performed live at The Meeting Place for the regular alt/electronic music event Zero. Milla, John, Kate, and I went ($5 cover). Milla knew someone in the band. They had probably the biggest crowd I've seen at Zero/Midnight yet. Better number (about 30 people) of people than Anvil (about 15) LOL.

They came on around 11:40 (thankfully, cause they originally were supposed to go on at which point we were JUST getting on teh metroz... then we got word they were going on at 11:30. We arrived around there AT 11:30. Then they started a little later).

They started without much fanfare, and not much banter or crowd interaction. Even after their last song was over they just...stopped playing pretty much. I heard a few songs before on the internets, but was pretty unfamiliar with their set. The whole band was pretty energetic and into the performances- so that was pretty cool. However I thought their actual songs were a bit...lacking. It was similar to another band- Odin's Court- in that their songs were in and of themselves undecided. A song would start out somewhat heavy or with a good electronic part...then change the tempo/feel to something way more mellow and to me that threw off their whole vibe. I couldn't really get into any of their songs.

Afterwards there was some short chat with the singer and he seemed a bit more focused on the artsy /art side of the music and seemingly doing what he wanted to. So that made a bit more sense when he started talking about time signature changes and other such things. However I find that too much focus on the musical theory aspects can be...not that interesting to people who don't follow the more technical/theory aspects of writing music. I would rather hear something that sounds good.

Whatever the case, it was a different show, interesting. Important to support um (somewhat) heavy/electronic music in this area where not prevalent.



Silent Compromise
15th Night
Strange Boy
Circular Mind
Where are you now
Rite of Passage