Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brad Paisley @ Jiffy Lube Live- 08/25/2012

Went with Andrew and Bret to see my first country show- Brad Paisley (With the Band Perry, Easton Corbin, and some others). We left pretty early, to begin tailgating and to try to beat traffic. However, the ridiculous rain put a dent in that plan. We still arrived around 4, with plenty of time to tailgate.
There were a TON of people there, so many white people. There were several Asians, some Hispanics and some black people. and 3 Indian people! The rain let up by the time we parked and set up for tailgating, thankfully.

Jiffy Lube Live's tailgating policy is a bit like don't ask don't tell, with a little bit of inquiry into underage drinking. We def saw some people get checked for IDs... But in either case there was a ton of drinking. There were so many cute girls (shorts n boots!), and a bit of the southern Maryland syndrome- pretty girls w/ tore up guys. I told John and Andrew that we'd be as kings down there.  A couple butterfaces, and I am pretty sure we saw the same guys in jorts n boots that were at the KISS show. And of course the guy with  overall shorts w/ no shirt or shoes and his buddy with jorts n boots. And the troupe of people carrying flags- American, Stars n Bars, and a pole with red solo cups dangling off of it (fastened to a string?).

The rowdiness was at its peak when we were in line for the portajohn. All I saw was some long haired hillbilly stomp over to the first portajohn and give it  huge smack that shook the entire frame. A few seconds later, out steps..a black guy!? So as you may guess, all eyes were on what is going to happen in this alcohol infused brewtality. Apparently the black guy had allegedly cut in line is one side. The other side is that no one was going, so he went. No idea what the situation actually was, but someone had to intercede between the two. After a minute or so of heated "discussion" aka shouting, the hillbilly was escorted away by his woman and then the black guy went to use the portajohn. He mentioned that it was his first country show. We were talking with the people in front of us and I said I was told that country fans are more rowdy than metal fans. The girl n front of us recognized that my 1349 shirt was a 'metal shirt.' TLDR; rowdiness in the parking log, but brawl was averted.

After some more misadventures including Andrew puking, a girl a car up relieving herself next to her car (covered by blankets), Bret showing his pocketknife to the staff and asking if that would be a problem to be let in (we went back to the car of course), we went in. Still a ton of people, and they were mostly happy/agreeable.

Easton Corbin came on first and he sounded good, but I didn't recognize any of the songs he did. Not bad, not great, but solid. I woulda enjoyed it more if I knew any of his songs. I believe that we stayed seated for their set,

The Band Perry sounded great. And the girl was def the attention grabber/hoarder. I knew about half their set. They also did Tom Petty/Beatles covers (zzz) and a cover of Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls," which sounded pretty good. Their fiddle player was pretty cool too. I think we stood up about half way thru their set. No sound complaints at all from me.

Brad came on around 9PM to some insanely loud ovation. Looking out on the crowd (lawn and pavilion), there were people EVERYWHERE. Probably the most attended show I've been to. Thousands of people. Brad sounded great, and there was a ton of energy from the crowd. At one point, he had a duet with a 'virtual' Carrie Underwood. Many a fan were convinced that Carrie was actually there. I was positive that she was in fact not there, and it was some backup singer. If Carrie Underwood were there, she woulda done a whole set. About half of his set we were pelted with light rain. Brad's guitar solo was pretty good too. He's no Paul Gilbert, but it was still entertaining. Overall a great performance and the set was pretty well spaced. I'd totally go see Brad again.

After the show, which we decided to stay thru and amble back to the car and the like, and wait there for a bit before rolling out. Which we did, and got stuck in some horrible backups (3 lanes closed on the highway) that we were stuck in until about 1AM. We eventually got home very late (early).



Easton Corbin
This feels a lot like love
A Little More Country Than That
Lovin you is fun
I Can't Love You Back
All over the road
Roll With It

The Band Perry
Sugar, Sugar
Hip To My Heart
Independence / Free Falling (Tom Petty cover)
All Your Life
Fat-Bottomed Girls (Queen cover)
Postcard From Paris
If I Die Young
Night Gone Wasted / With A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles cover)
You Lie

Brad Paisley
The World
Welcome To The Future
This Is Country Music
Waitin' On A Woman
I'm Still A Guy
<new song>
She's Everything
Letter To Me
Mud On The Tires
Working On A Tan
Whiskey Lullaby w/ Kimberly Perry
The Nervous Breakdown (instrumental)
I'm Gonna Miss Her
Remind Me w/ virtual Carrie Underwood
Old Alabama
American Saturday Night