Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ted Nugent @ The Fillmore- 8/3/2012

Went last night to see Uncle Teddy in Silver Spring at the Fillmore ($30). I was not sure of the crowd he'd draw here in this state, and it was my first time seeing him. I didn't look up his opener and opted to hang out with some friends and imbibe (GROG) before the show. SO I rolled up around 8:50 (Ted was on at 9PM). Regardless of your thoughts on his thoughts on politics, you gotta love his music

I get in and it is pretty crowded. Not as many people as the CULT band had, but still pretty well attended. I was able to get kinda close, whereas during the Cult we were stuck at the back. There were (predictably) a lot of white people in attendance. I did see like 2 black people who attended (not working there), one with a Rush (the band not the man or Mega Man character) shirt.

Ted, Derek St Holmes, 'wild' Mick Brown, and some guy who played bass came on just about at 9 to a thunderous applause and they went right to it. They played pretty much nonstop until "Stormtroopin,'"after which there was a bit of talking and a little ranting. At this point the set list deviated from other dates on this tour. There was way less ranting than I had expected, and I kind of wanted more (but glad that he didn't cause I really just wanted more songs instead). He made some comments about sending jerky to the military, supporting the military, "criminals in the White House," hunting, voting, American made guitars, soul music, and first amendment. Agree or disagree, I'll leave that up to you, because I have no public comment, I'm just here for the music, man.

Ted and co. sounded GREAT. 64 years (or so he says), and still going strong. They had a lot of energy and excitement, which was being traded back and forth with the crowd. I saw a bit more excited people and situated myself around them. I was about a Jaxx distance from the stage (40 ft?), but like at the back of the Jaxx floor. Apparently "Wild" Mick Brown from the Dokken group was with him on this tour- I didn't know that. Ted's not the best guitarist, but he certainly gave it his all and his enjoyment was evident. No complaints in the sonic avenue.

Ted's stage set included a huge American flag back drop, a bunch of guitars, some AR-15s on guitar stands, and a couple AR-15s w/ Drum mags (Beta-C) on top of speakers. As my buddy said when I told him, "sounds about right." There were some shirts for about $35-40. I didn't get any merch. Ted had a camo cowboy hat, cut off western shirt, jeans, that silly Britney Spears mic, and a wild grin.

I did not like that it was a short set (He started at 9pm, at 10:20pm the house lights came on). I was expecting/hoping for "Great White Buffalo" and/or "Fred Bear." So needless to say I was left wanting more, just like the recent KISS show. Overall it was a very good show and I'd def go again, that man knows how to play some jammin' Rock music.


(I got the cover song name from, I had no clue what it was other than it wasn't Hendrix)

Ted Nugent

  • Gonzo
  • Just What The Doctor Ordered
  • Wango Tango
  • Turn It Up
  • Free For All
  • Stormtroopin' (talking followed)
  • Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
  • I Can't Quit You Baby (cover) (talking)
  • Need You Bad
  • Live It Up
  • Hey Baby
  • Cat Scratch Fever
  • Stranglehold