Saturday, September 8, 2012

Icon of Coil @ Empire 9/6/2012

Went to see Icon of Coil / [:SiTD:] /Ego Likeness /Platform One @ Empire (Jaxx) with John and Kate ($23). I think this was a Spellbound promotion. There was a pretty good turnout, IMO..about 120 people or so. Saw Matt H., Phoebe, and some other people who frequent midnight there too! Some interesting people as always, a cute girl with bat backpack, a girl with a mostly shaved head and head tattoo, a very tall dude in a kilt, a guy in a mesh shirt and gasmask, etc. As John said, there were a TON of chicks there (as opposed to the sausage fest at...most metal shows). This was a late show, doors at 8:00 X_X: Note, this was also their first stop for this tour, and first USA tour in like 8 years! That's 2 first tour stops in 2 days for me (Accept/Kreator and Icon of Coil) !

Platform One (8:32-9:00) came on first, and played a gothy synth pop. They were pretty good. The remarkable parts were that the frontman looked like Snape from that first Harry Potter movie, and one (out of the 2) keyboardist looked like that one guy from the Big Bang Theory w/out glasses. Their drummer was also pretty cute and had a pretty interesting outfit. The frontman also had some silly 80s dance moves. Now take that with a grain of salt cause KISS is pretty silly and I love them.

Ego Likeness (9:13 -10:00) came on next, they were a female fronted slightly heavier, but still mostly electronic band with a guy who plays guitar about as much as Paul Stanley. They had 2 drummers- 1 skinny black guy and 1 guy with a cowboy hat who looked like that guy from Primus. I thought they were alright, not great, but not too bad. I think some of their songs or their set went on a bit...long. Singer was alright, something was a little lacking with them. Of maybe it was the synth that was piped in (no keyboardist, but 2 drummers and a guitarist). The crowd was pretty into it.

SiTD (10:15- 11:00) was next- 2 guys at computers/synths and one vocalist. One of the guys in the back came out and did vocals for one song (tagged out lol). They were a bit more my speed, more industrial or dark sounding. They were also from Germany. The frontman had one arm extended for like 90% of the time he was at the mic. Kinda weird. They had a couple songs in German I could not make out, so my setlist is pretty incomplete.  Crowd was decently into it but they may have moved more for Ego Likeness. Vocals were a bit muddy, but the sound was great otherwise.

Icon of Coil (11:22 - 12:47) headlined and played longer than I thought they would (due to Empire's more recent time ...enforcements). The crowd was definitely here for Icon, they got super rowdy, super dancey, and extra loud for applause and sing-a-longing. I only knew one Icon song, but was able to identify most songs from lyric snippets. They played a new song (live debut!) during their set too. Sebastian (another band member) was held up by immigration or visa issues, so he was not there. They sounded great and The vocalist was AMPED for this show- there was a lot of emotion in his facial expression and he was pretty much running around the stage non stop for the majority of the set! I was pretty close (about a meter or so from the stage) during this set. During what he said were the last 2 songs (before the encore), a pit broke out, right next to me/including Kate and I. Pretty ridiculous. Some people would not have it, and pushed back a lot LOL. I thought they were pretty fantastic. They played the song I knew of theirs, which apparently was pretty popular as everyone ELSE was also singing along.

I think all bands had merch, either CDs, shirts, or both. Ego Likeness had some sort of skull pendants, and Platform one had some...incense!?  I got a Platform One CD, and will get some MP3s of Icon an SiTD soon.



Platform One
  • Sacred moment
  • Satellite
  • Monday
  • My love remains
  • When you go away
  •  A time with out decay

Ego Likeness
  • (Unknown)( maybe The Lowest Place On Earth)
  • Burn Witch Burn
  • The Ocean Beside Us
  • Breedless
  • Treacherous Thing
  • Sirens and Satellites
  • Séance
  • The Devils in the Chemicals
  • Water To The Dead
  • Save Your Serpent

  • Code:Red
  • Lebensborn
  • (Unknown)
  • (Unknown)
  • Laughingstock
  • (Unknown)(in German)
  • (Unknown)
    (in German...Richtfest II ?)
  • (Unknown)
  • Snuff Machinery

Icon of Coil
  • Thrillcapsule
  • (Unknown)
  • You Just Died
  • Regret
  • Existence in Progress
  • Shallow Nation
  • Mono:Overload?
  • Perfect Sex (Live debut)
  • Shelter
  • Love as Blood
  • Simulated
  • Former Self
  • Dead Enough for Life

  • Pursuit
  • Floorkiller
  • Consumer