Sunday, October 28, 2012

Michael Schenker @ House of Rock 10/24/2012

Went to see Michael Schenker ($20) at the House of Rock in Whitemarsh with Dorothy and one of her friends. This was the first time I'd gone to the House of Rock, after hearing so much about it and some interesting shows coming there. It took a WHILE to get out there, so I pretty much decided only to commit to shows here that I absolutely can't miss (ex: Schenker).

Epica @ Howard Theater 10/23/2012

Went with Milla to see Epica w/ Alestorm, Insomnium, System Divide, AND Blackguard. whew. Saw Dorothy and the metal 'Mexicans' (they are not really Mexicans, but I can't recall from where they said they were from). We drove down relatively easily.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zac Brown Band @ Jiffy Lube Live 10/12/2012

Went with Bret to one last huge concert of the summer- to see the Zac Brown Band! Andrew bailed on us (work), so it was a mandate, mostly. Ms Amanda ended up going too, so we met up with her! We got there around 5 and the parking lot was somewhat emptyish. And it was rather windy and chilly. It eventually filled up, as it seemed that the cold and the Friday date both contributed to the rather slow filling.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blackguard @ Empire 10/10/2012

Went to see the Blackguard band at Empire ($14) with John, Kate, and Milla. There was a lot of confusion/ambiguity about the details of the event, up until and including the day of. Doors changed from 5 to 7 to 7:30. An opener was added. And as I predicted, the turnout was pretty horrible (max of about 20 People).  This was the first time seeing Blackguard this year (as opposed to last year where we saw them like 5 times).

Death Angel @ Empire 10/7/2012

I went to see the Death Angel band 10/7/2012 with John. A night of THRASH METALS. There were like 10 bands listed, so I figured, get there around 7 or 8 and be fine. WRONG. we got there and Yesterday's Saints were coming on at like 7:30. So that meant 4 more bands before Death Angel. It was going to be a loooooooong night. Saw Ms Ruby and Dorothy there this night!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Down @ The Fillmore, Silver Spring Sept 30th 2012

Went to see DOWN last night. My buddy Tony and his cousin Joe were there too! Pentagram was going on around 9:15 is what the word was, so we all met around that time, surprisingly. I had recently watched the documentary about the frontman Bobby. He's a complete train wreck. I think I saw the metal elitist guy from midnight there too.