Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zac Brown Band @ Jiffy Lube Live 10/12/2012

Went with Bret to one last huge concert of the summer- to see the Zac Brown Band! Andrew bailed on us (work), so it was a mandate, mostly. Ms Amanda ended up going too, so we met up with her! We got there around 5 and the parking lot was somewhat emptyish. And it was rather windy and chilly. It eventually filled up, as it seemed that the cold and the Friday date both contributed to the rather slow filling.

We hung out with Amanda and co. for a bit, until the first opener came on, at which point Amanda and co rolled out. They got some pavilion seats (FANCY). So we tailgated a bit longer. Sighted about 2 rebel flags, a ton of those 'cornhole' setups, tables, and a number of grills. Only a couple girls in skirts and boots, damn the weather. With his toque, Bret was mistaken for Zac Brown a few times.

Other notable tailgating highlights included a drunk dude loving my Iron Maiden shirt and babbling on for a bit before we escaped, and a girl playing cornhole being displeased at my using the word 'broad'. No real rowdiness to report, I think people were too cold to get too riled up.

We finally strolled in after tailgating ended (officially at 6:50, so we made our way in by like 7 something...its a long walk). There were a TON of people there (probably similar to number of people for Brad Paisley, but less since it was chilly out, I feel).  One of the openers was on while we were walking in, but I was unfamiliar with either of them. Perhaps we should have paid a little more attention, but I was fine with hanging out and then seeing Zac Brown later. We checked out the merch stand, Bret got a shirt, and we sought out the mythic cheap draft. And we found it- $4.A nice price!

Zac Brown came on after the sun went down, and it was damn chilly. But I was mostly fine in my leather Aussie style drove/duster/trench coat. Highlights for me were  "Whatever It Is" and The Charlie Daniels Cover (I def recall shouting along a little bit at that point). Everything sounded very good, nice and loud and very crisp. Apparently they did a Nirvana cover as well, but I was unfamiliar with it and it just sounded like another song. The Aerosmith Cover sounded good too. I dunno if it was the drinks or patriotism, but I def recall taking off m hat, and holding to my breast during "America The Beautiful." No real complaints except that I think I shoulda had one less beer. But the 'hits' sounded excellent.

Apparently at some point my phone slipped out of my hand and I frantically searched for about 15 minutes. Some kind folks put on their flashlight function on their phones, and I almost resolved to wait until after the show to look. But then I tried a little bit down the hill and finally found it.

At the end there was the usual clusterF that is Jiffy Lube Live parking. So that, combined with home around 1:20

Set I
Set II


Zac Brown Band

Keep Me In Mind
Natural Disaster
Whatever It Is
It's Not OK
As She's Walking Away
Jump Right In
The Wind
Goodbye In Her Eyes
Who Knows
The Problem with Freedom
(with Levi Lowrey)
All Apologies
(Nirvana cover)
One Day
(Unrecorded Original)
Sweet Emotion
(Aerosmith cover)
Free/Into The Mystic
Sic 'Em On a Chicken
The Day That I Die
The Devil Went Down to Georgia
(The Charlie Daniels Band cover)
Percussion/Drum Solo
Colder Weather
Knee Deep
America The Beautiful
Chicken Fried