Friday, November 30, 2012

The Birthday Massacre @ Empire 11/29/2012

Went to see the Birthday Massacre/WIlliam Control/Aesthetic Perfection/Creature Feature/My Enemy Complete at Empire last night. Met up with Milla, John, Kate and saw Phoebe, Matt, AND Jesse (ASOT) there too! There were a lot of people, the parking lot was packed and there was a great turnout. Not a sellout, but the dancefloor was basically full, with a lot of observers from the railings.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lamb of God @ The Fillmore 11/17/2012

Went with Milla to see Lamb of God/ In Flames/ Hatebreed / Sylosis. Shabba and Joseph and Dorothy were there too. Hung out with Joe for most of the time as the show was SOLD OUT and it was hard to migrate to anywhere! It was overall a killer show and it was great, cause it may influence the Fillmore to book more Heavy shows!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Birthday Karaoke Setlist 10/20/2012

Last month, we finally did Birthday Karaoke again, many songs were partial, and I think I may have missed only a couple songs. It was my birthday so it kinda turned into Steve's (Mostly Metal) Karaoke featuring various special guests. (Not in any particular order)


Eagleheart (Stratovarius)


S, M
Dancing Queen (Abba) L, K
Electric Eye (Judas Priest) S, J
The Sign (Ace of Base) M,Kate
18 + life (Skid Row) S
Forever (Kamelot) S, M
Holy Diver (Dio) S, B, K
Rainbow in the Dark (Dio) S
Overnight Sensation (Firehouse) J, S
Sway (Frank Sinatra?) A
Painkiller (Judas priest) S, J
Back in Black (AC/DC) S, J
Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi) S, M, Mi
Total Eclipse of The Heart (Bonnie Tyler) L, K 
All the Things She Said (Tatu) M, Mi
Power (Helloween) S
Last in Line (Dio) S, J
The Trooper (Iron Maiden) S, A
Fast as a Shark (Accept) S, J
Eye of the Tiger (Survivor) K, L
High Enough (Damn Yankees) S, M
Kokomo (Beach Boys) A, B
Need you Now (Lady Antebellum) A, B
Barbie Girl (Aqua) S, M, Mi
Dragonstea din tei (Numa Numa) (?) S, M, Mi
Separate Ways (Journey) S
Call Me Al (Paul Simon) S, M
I'm on a Boat (The Lonely Island) B,S
Jizz in my Pants (The Lonely Island) B,S
Daydream Believer (Monkees) S, Mi, A

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Six Feet Under @ Cafe 611 11/3/2012

Went with Milla up to Frederick to see Six Feet Under and Cattle Decapitation up at Cafe 611 ($22). It was our first time at that venue and we were curious as to how it and the turnout would be. We got there around 10, and Wretched was finishing up their set. There were a lot of people, the place was pretty packed. The chicken suit guy showed up at some point as well.

I also realized this was another Gauntlet. What a way to start a month- Fozzy, Dethklok, then Six Feet Under. And I didn't even realized it. Having a day off can help things :3

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dethklok @ Fillmore Silver Spring 11/2/2012

Milla and I went last night to see Dethklok w/ All That Remains, Machine Head, and the Black Dahlia Murder ($35) at the Fillmore, Silver Spring. Saw a bunch of people- Sarah, Ethan, Dorothy. I know chicken suit mosher was there (and was called out by most of the bands lol), and DC Heavy Metal Chris was somewhere, but I didn't see him. He posted several good pics from the show. Apparently this was the first show of this tour, due to Hurricane Sandy issues.

Fozzy @ Empire 11/1/2012

Went to see Fozzy w/ Candlelight Red, A Sound of Thunder ($15), and others last night. I met up with Dave (ASOT superfan!) and one of his friends, and we ranted about wrestling, music, and the like. I got there around 8ish, but had trouble getting in due to a missing sheet of names (for tickets). Thankfully Nina and co. sorted it out and I entered a little after 8.