Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dethklok @ Fillmore Silver Spring 11/2/2012

Milla and I went last night to see Dethklok w/ All That Remains, Machine Head, and the Black Dahlia Murder ($35) at the Fillmore, Silver Spring. Saw a bunch of people- Sarah, Ethan, Dorothy. I know chicken suit mosher was there (and was called out by most of the bands lol), and DC Heavy Metal Chris was somewhere, but I didn't see him. He posted several good pics from the show. Apparently this was the first show of this tour, due to Hurricane Sandy issues.

Friday traffic and an early show make for a bad combination. DCHeavyMetal posted the set times and BDM would be on at 6:30 and Dethklok by 9:40. So things would be over by 11 at the latest. So I decided we should get there early. We ended up walking in JUST as BDM started, after our pub dinner. Perfect timing. No line to get in at that time, but I swear I saw people lined up when we arrived in Silver Spring around 4:30.

I've seen The Black Dahlia Murder a few times before. This time was really no different. They had some cool screen that projected their latest album cover behind them. They sounded good, as frantic as ever. I am still horrible with most of their song titles, but thankfully they played ones I could mostly recognize. The vocalist unfortunately took off his shirt near the end of the set. A decent set, but maybe trying to get too amped too early in the evening. I could have gotten closer to the pit, as it was not very populated at 6:30, but I was fine near the back.

Machine Head was on next. I had not seen them before, and really thought they should be over All That Remains, but I guess ATR has more of a draw/record sales? The crowd was partially chanting something ('Machine fucking head'?) at the beginning of their set, which I thought was stupid. Their straight ahead metal was a nice contrast to the madmanmetal of BDM. They dedicated the 'Aesthetics of Hate' to that ex-singer from Suicide Silence (who died recently in a motorcycle crash), but the screen behind them still had the Dimebag Darrell silhouette (I'm guessing that they dedicate that song to him usually). I thought they sounded nice and heavy with some slower (compared to BDM) guitar solos. The background screen changed, but it was just album cover/logo for the most part.

We checked out the merch booth at various times. At one point, the merch guy noticed one fan's Suicide Silence shirt, and went on a bit about something and gave the fan a free shirt I think. Again this was related to that singer's recent passing. Machine Head's merch was kinda lame (viking shirt for them? Did not fit their songs or image). Dethklok had several shirts, cheap CDs ($10), and DVDs. Even Gene and some other guy in the band had some CDs there too. I got a Galaktikon CD ($10). ATR and BDM also had some stuff, but I didn't think their designs were particularly exciting.

Merch pics here by Metal Chris

Also, at some point before Dethklok, we ran into Ethan (Blackguard shows), and Sarah (Blackguard shows, COB, etc.), and got more info from them. I also got a picture of some guy in a Skeletor costume. I don't know why he had a costume on.

All That Remains was on next, and by this time the floor had really filled up. They started out kind of muddy sounding, but by 'Six' they sounded much better. They pulled out a couple new songs form their album which is out next week. Their use of the display was much more exciting than either of the other bands, and they kept showing their skull and dual AR15s, war footage, explosions, and other such things. I dunno it seemed a little unnerving for some reason. I guess I think more of emo lyrics when I think of ATR set to metalcore music. Regardless, I thought they sounded good, and were also a change from Machine Head. The crowd seemed more responsive as well.  I guess I do not listen to enough ATR cause I only recognized 1/3 of their set. I had to look up the rest based on lyrics and such afterwards.

Dethklok finally came on to thunder(horse)ous  applause. Brendon Small, Gene Hoglan, and the other guys sounded very tight. I was enthralled by the video screen showing lyrics, cartoons, and all sorts of interesting imagery. I did not detect any foul notes being played, it was like....are hey just dropping in the sound from a recording? It sounded that loyal to the songs. I had never seen this fake band that is now a real band live. I was not disappointed, especially the combination of good songs and a good show. I would have liked to hear 'Bloodtrocuted,' and they seemed to have a short set (about 1hr), so I would have liked to   hear more. On thing with the screen being utilized as much as it was was that most people would be focused on the screen, where all the light was coming from. It was hard to see the band members at all, and I found that to be... unsettling. But it certainly seemed par for the course for this group. Apart from that minor issue, the animations on the screen blended perfectly and just enhanced the sonic experience.

There were several interludes from Facebones and Dr. Rockso (the rock n roll clown) that were pretty hilarious (if you follow the show). The animations and sound were def uncensored, so that also was awesome. You have to kind of approach it with an open mind- but if you're going to the show you've already seen the cartoon and know what you're in for :3

Overall, it was a very good show, totally worth the money. It still sucked about the early times, cause I know more than a few people missed bands because they just couldn't make it at the early times, especially with traffic around this area, on a Friday.

Black Dahlia Murder
Machine Head
All That Remains
Dethklok I
Dethklok - Facebones
Dethklok- Dr Rockso I
Dethklok - Dr Rockso II (TITS)
Dethklok- Dr Rockso Chicks w Dicks
Dethklok  - Dragon n such
Dethklok- Brendon Small and co somewhat visible

Black Dahlia Murder (6:30 - 7)
  • A Shrine to Madness
  • Moonlight Equilibrium
  • On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood
  • What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
  • Malenchantments of the Necrosphere
  • I Will Return 

Machine Head (7:23- 8:05)

  • This Is the End
  • Imperium
  • Aesthetics of Hate
  • Locust
  • Halo 

All That Remains (8:30 -9:10)

  • This Calling
  • Dead Wrong
  • Six
  • Aggressive Opposition
  • Hold On
  • Down Through The Ages
  • Stand Up
  • Become The Catalyst
  • Some Of The People, All Of The Time
  • Two Weeks 

Dethklok (9:42 -10:48)

  • Deththeme
  • I Ejaculate Fire
  • Hatredcopter
  • (Animation)
  • Dethsupport
  • Murmaider
  • (Facebones animation)
  • Andromeda
  • Awaken
  • Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
  • (Dr Rockso animation)
  • Ghostqueen
  • (Bathroom  Break animation)
  • The Gears
  • The Galaxy
  • Thunderhorse
  • (Encore animation)
  • Go Into the Water
  • (rant from Brandon)
  • Crush the Industry