Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fozzy @ Empire 11/1/2012

Went to see Fozzy w/ Candlelight Red, A Sound of Thunder ($15), and others last night. I met up with Dave (ASOT superfan!) and one of his friends, and we ranted about wrestling, music, and the like. I got there around 8ish, but had trouble getting in due to a missing sheet of names (for tickets). Thankfully Nina and co. sorted it out and I entered a little after 8.

I was told that I literally missed 'Get Thee Hence.'.. So I'm kind of sad/glad that I didn't see them :3. I don't know what band was on when I was walking in, but after inspecting the merch table and I turned around they stopped playing.

There was a decent crowd, about 115 people at the height. I think one of the locals had a CD release or something because after their set, the floor thinned out a bit. ASOT had a small crowd, and then it filled up more for Candlelight Red, and more for Fozzy. More of a turnout than I expected I think.

Local favourites A Sound of Thunder played an odd set IMO.  They did not start off with their usual 'Tubular Bells' intro, and were, for the second time at this venue, made to stop early. Both times before being able to play 'A Sound of Thunder'! regardless, they sounded very good. Josh was a little ill with something, so I expected a drop in playing. I didn't detect any bad spots. Jesse had on a leather hat that reminded me of both Don Dokken and Ritchie Blackmore. Nina borrowed a baseball cap from a fan for one song. After 'The Day I Die,' some guys from Empire seemed to be cutting them off. I dunno why, but I think there was some disparity in some bands allegedly playing longer. I don't know all the details tho.

Candlelight Red was on after them. I had listened to a few songs before and thought they were OK... kind of generic modern hard rock/metal. They sounded alright sonically, heavy and loud, but their songs were just not there IMO. I knew they were going to play that Roxette cover. It's a good song, but some songs do NOT need to be covered. I was at the right far rail for them. Coulda done without their set, but they had a decent size crowd jumping. For some reason at the end they started to play ANOTHER cover, Domination (Pantera), but only did a partial intro. I don't know the point of ending on a cover tease. Just either play the song or don't.

Fozzy finally came on the anticipated time of around 10:30. Chris Jericho seemed still jacked and full of energy...initially. Rich Ward and the rest of the band sounded very good, but something seemed off. Jericho's singing pose (which he was in about 90% of the time while singing) seemed to rob some of his charisma that he has in the ring. I don't know, I was expecting more energy and jumping around from him. His set coulda been a bit different (throw in Lazarus, Crucify Yourself...def remove 'She's My Addiction), but it was very interesting mix. I thought To Kill a Stranger sounded fantastic. There were def a few songs someone could have started  a pit to...but this crowd did not seem interested in that. They ended early, it seemed.

At the end, Rich Ward grabbed an amp from atop the ...other amps, and gorilla presses it over his head, motioning he is going to throw it to the crowd... and the crowd beckons to do it. And. He. throws.the.amp.into.the.crowd. It surfs for about 10 seconds then I move to the right to avoid it (I have no idea how heavy that amp was) and it slams to the floor. Some roadies retrieved it briskly. Of all the shows I've been to- water, picks, drumsticks, wristbands, confetti, billion dollar alice bills, t shirts, etc. have been thrown into the crowd. But never an amp.

Overall it was a weird night, but it was still fun. Set time issues, odd crowd, and over early. I don't know... well I'm still glad I went to see 2 good bands. And um Candlelight Red I coulda done without

A Sound of Thunder I
A Sound of Thunder II
Fozzy I


A Sound of Thunder (8:30 -8:52)

  • Queen of Hell
  • Fight Until the End
  • The Day I Die
  • Out of the Darkness 

Candlelight Red (9:11 - 9:41)
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • Medicated 
  • The Look (Roxette cover)
  • Closer
  • The Wreckage
  • Domination (Pantera partial cover, just the intro)

Fozzy (10:24 - 11:27)
  • Spider in My Mouth
  • Sandpaper
  • Eat the Rich(Krokus cover)
  • Pray for Blood
  • Inside My Head
  • She's My Addiction
  • God Pounds His Nails
  • Let the Madness Begin
  • Whitechapel 1888
  • To Kill a Stranger
  • Martyr No More
  • Sin And Bones
  • Enemy
  • Blood Happens