Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lamb of God @ The Fillmore 11/17/2012

Went with Milla to see Lamb of God/ In Flames/ Hatebreed / Sylosis. Shabba and Joseph and Dorothy were there too. Hung out with Joe for most of the time as the show was SOLD OUT and it was hard to migrate to anywhere! It was overall a killer show and it was great, cause it may influence the Fillmore to book more Heavy shows!

We got there about as Sylosis was already on. They sounded loud, some metalcorish screaming. I listened to part of a song and then was thirsty so I went to find a beverage. Right as I purchased my drinks they stopped playing. Unremarkable loud sounds from them. I can't really comment on them otherwise.

Hatebreed was up next and they def did NOT disappoint. Joe was there by this time and he aided in helping us get fired up for Hatebreed. Hatebreed pumped "America (FUCK YEAH)" over the PA before coming on, with some decent shouting along done by the crowd \m/  They are a great live band (sound way better than on the record) and most of the floor was moving for most of the time. I think they coulda swapped out some songs, but they still are a great opener. I wondered how In Flames was going to follow that. Some guy behind me was a bit miffed at my headbanging which may or may not have gone into his "old lady's " space... who was filming behind us in the back. I think I just gave him a 'bitch please' look and turned around. I mean seriously, you know what show you're going to. Not that I meant to hairwhip anyone, but if you expect to go to a heavy show like this and not get a little tousled, sweaty, bruised, or otherwise tore up you must be sitting in the balcony sectioned off from the normal grunts like me. Thankfully I don't know the words to 90% of Hatebreed songs, otherwise I'm sure I woulda been hoarse.

In Flames came out and their first 2 songs sounded horribly mixed. After that, the soundman must have woken up and adjusted things. Anders actually commented on Hatebreed being a hard act to follow! And he was totally right, and I love In Flames. With a better setlist In Flames might have been able to do that, but they def played a second fiddle to Hatebreed this night. I thought In Flames sounded good, but they just didn't have the energy level (and choice of songs IMO) to combat that. In any event, they also had a big light show that blinded me several times and would render epileptics into certain states. Kinda cool, but also prevented me from getting good pics. Overall, if you looked at them without comparing them to other bands that night, they put on a good show.

 Lamb of God came out to double screens with some animation/footage, a great intro to the brutal sonic assault they delivered. The entire floor was moving for several songs. Like EVERYONE. Even the balcony people were all nodding/headbanging...jeez. It's great to have a sold out show to encourage the Fillmore to book MORE METAL/heavy music. They sounded great- a little rough for the first song, but then it became clearer. A great, high energy performance. At one point Randy pointed out that an older Adler was there too, I don't know where he was tho. Really pumped after the show, no real complaints about the performance, just that Randy'd white people dreadlocks look horrible. The mix of brutal metal core/death metal/thrash/whatever and clean guitar solos reall sounded great at the Fillmore. "Now you've got something to die for" and "redneck" people were rather loud in singing along \m/ They def proved why they are so popular

However there were a lot of things being thrown throughout the night- mostly cups of ice/water/beer, shoes, plastic bottles, and  a hoodie. I don't know why people feel the need to throw shit when they can just drop it on the floor and have it TRAMPLED UNDER FOOT. And of course the expected way-too-drunk-meatheads. So we saw one right at the Sylosis drink moment, and I was inching back because he was rambling to some guy not to bump into him...jeez. Thankfully no one was beaten down...that I saw.

Overall a great show, tons of people, tons of energy, and lame merch. Nothing remarkable shirts wise IMO. Just in case you thought other

Hatebreed I
Hatebreed II
In Flames
Lamb of God
Lamb of God II


Hatebreed (7:42- 8:21) [approximate setlist- bolded they def played]
  • America (Fuck Yeah) [over the PA]
  • Before Dishonor
  • Perseverance (don't think they played this, son)
  • Betrayed by Life
  • Everyone Bleeds Now
  • In Ashes They Shall Reap
  • Tear It Down
  • Last Breath
  • As Diehard as They Come
  • Defeatist
  • Live for This
  • I Will Be Heard
  • Destroy Everything
 (+ Doomsayer was in there somewhere too, I don't know when)

In Flames (8:40 )
  • Sounds of a Playground Fading
  • Where the Dead Ships Dwell
  • Reroute to Remain
  • Embody the Invisible
  • Cloud Connected
  • Fear Is the Weakness
  • The Mirror's Truth
  • System
  • Deliver Us
  • Take This Life
  • My Sweet Shadow

Lamb of God (10-11:18)
  • Desolation
  • Ghost Walking
  • Walk With Me in Hell
  • Set to Fail
  • Ruin
  • Now You've Got Something to Die For
  • 11th Hour
  • The Undertow
  • Omerta
  • Contractor
  • The Passing
  • In Your Words
  • Laid to Rest
  • Redneck
  • Black Label