Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blue Oyster Cult @ The State Theater, VA 12/9/2012

I went to see the Blue Oyster Cult last night at the State Theater in Virginia. My brother was working, but I saw Josh and Jesse from A Sound of Thunder there \m/ cool! I got there around 8:30PM, for the alleged start time of 9:00PM.

The crowd was mostly as expected, a lot of old-timers. But there were a good number of young people (their kids?), which was refreshing. The place was pretty packed, the balcony looked pretty full, and I foolishly spent too much time yakkin and had a place near the back of the floor (I coulda gotten a way closer spot. OH WELL). Very well attended, I bought my ticket ($36)at the door, so I don't think it sold out. But it certainly was a good revenue stream. There was a long table with one shirt design for sale ($30), kind of a lame looking '40th anniversary' shirt.

After waiting in line for FOREVER to get a drink, said hi with Josh, and Jesse rolled up. Shortly after it was getting close to 9PM, so I headed to the floor. No opener (I am divided on if I really wanted to hear an opener or not). They actually come on at 9:20. I was kind of getting antsy, cause I was there by myself (tho friends there too), and it was kind of a more expensive show, all the way out here in Falls Church, and the parking signs always make me nervous. But once BOC came on and started playing, that all was put to rest.

For old rock n rollers, they sounded great. Buck still remains a highly underrated guitar player (and singer and writer!), his solos sounded almost angelic, IMO. The other guy they had on guitar/keys was pretty good, his style was faster and more Eddie Van Halenish. I feel old when I realize that Eric is like 68 and Buck is 65 and notice different things during the show. Buck had most of the singing duties, Buck played/wore his guitar like Paul Stanley, and took frequent sitting breaks. The drum and bass and extended guitar solos seemed built in to give rest breaks... All understandable and it was amazing that they are that old and still get up, tour, and put on a great show. Eric may be missing a few beats, but Buck looked and sounded great for 60+!

During Godzilla there were bass and drum solos- and a bass interlude about the bass player's previous bands (Joan Jett -'I Love Rock n Roll', that band that does "Bang the Drum All Day", and some Meatloaf song). After 'Reaper,' Eric noticed a fan holding up a sign that said 'Please play The Vigil Thanks.' And then they did. I think that something similar like that happened when I saw them in 2011, but I can't quite recall. They also played an unreleased song (Summa Cum Laude)from the box set that just came out that was originally written for some movie 'The Teachers.'

Overall, the sound was great, and Buck's guitar resonated beautifully throughout the venue. The other guys sounded solid too. I coulda used a few more songs, but what can you do? Totally worth the ticket price and kind of sad to see them aging (and realizing one day there will be no more Blue Oyster Cult :( )

Other observations: Some idiot was recording part of the show with a hand held laptop or something, you could see the screen, until some staff member came over to him. Eric Bloom was wearing a Big Bang Theory shirt. There was this drunk youngish Indian guy in a sweater and dress shirt going kind of crazy. I don't know if he knew the songs or was just cuttin' loose. Some guy spilled his beer on my arm and was confident it wasn't him.



Blue Oyster Cult (9:20 - 11:04)
  • RU Ready to Rock
  • Golden Age of Leather
  • Burnin' for You
  • Career of Evil
  • Shooting Shark
  • ME 262
  • Dancin' in the Ruins
  • Last Days of May
  • Black Blade
  • Godzilla
  • Bass interlude (snippets of Joan Jett -'I Love Rock n Roll', that band that does "Bang the Drum All Day", and some Meatloaf song)
  • Bass solo
  • Drum solo
  • Buck solo
  • Godzilla (rest of it)
  • (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  • Summa Cum Laude
  • The Vigil
  • Hot Rails to Hell (other guitarist sang)