Sunday, December 23, 2012

(Eluveitie) WINTERSUN @ Mr Smalls 12/19/2012

Went up to see Eluveitie with Wintersun and Varg in PA mainly because this was the closest that WINTERSUN was coming to us. Tickets were like 18 (about 20 with fees). It's a good thing we got in advance as it was nearly full!

We got there around 7:30ish, had to drive a bit for parking in the downtown area. Eventually we made our way to Mr Smalls Theater, which apparently is a converted church that is a music venue now! There was a line to get in, so we were shivering in the frigid Hoth like air that was PA. We shambled into the venue in time to...heard Varg's last 1 or 2 songs. I noticed the dude had some face paint and sounded OK. I didn't really have an impression of them except... nothing remarkable. OH WELL.

The place was PACKED with people, but somehow we made our way to the middle somewhat easy ( I think the Varg switchover helped) and I positioned myself in what I was pretty sure would be the edge of the pit. I don't know if it was sold out, but it was pretty damn close if it wasn't. The merch table had various shirts, some CDs for Wintersun, but sold out for Varg and none for Eluveitie. How are hoodies $50!?

Wintersun came on to their piped in synth (no other way to really do it without having to hire 20 keyboardists). I was def pumped to see them, and most of the crowd I could see were very receptive as well. They sounded great and seemed very happy to be there and play! The pits were manageable, things didn't get too out of hand. I think my only real complaint was that I wanted to hear more songs :3  Totally worth the trip up, but I would have really preferred them to come around ...closer

For Eluveitie we were still near the middle, but I would eventually move back a bit. Milla was extra pumped and was in the pit for nearly every song. As all 8 members of Eluveitie took the stage with their 20 instruments, they held the crowd pretty captive, possibly moreso than Wintersun! The crowd had a pit on almost every song and sang along quite a lot. I thought they sounded better than when we saw them with Children of Bodom. I guess they made it big now, because a LOT of the crowd was singing along. As you may know, they played the entirety of their Helvetios album, front to back, along with other songs. It sounded pretty great- and the hurdy gurdy, flutes, and other folk instruments were better mixed than they usually are for folk shows. They also had a wall of death for one song- which I def backed up to the sound booth to escape the madness.

Near the end I went to the restroom, came back and hung out near the left side of the stage (where the door to the venue was). I noticed one of the guitarists had a Redskins jersey on for some reason. Not sure if I saw any terrible towels being waved, tho. They finished up their set to a pretty exhausted crowd.

Overall it was a great show. I would have preferred to see more of Varg, but I really don't think we missed too much based on the songs I had listened to before the show. Wintersun was as great as I had anticipated, and Eluveitie was even better this time around.

Wintersun 2
Wintersun   3
Wintersun 4
Eluveitie 2
Eluveitie 3
Eluveitie 4
Eluveitie 5

Varg (ended at 7:57)

Wintersun (8:18 - 9:24)
  • When Time Fades Away
  • Sons of Winter and Stars
  • Land of Snow and Sorrow
  • Battle Against Time
  • Death and the Healing
  • Darkness and Frost
  • Time
  • Beyond the Dark Sun
  • Starchild

Eluveitie (9:44 - 11:09)
  • Prologue (intro/recording)
  • Helvetios
  • Luxtos
  • Home
  • Santonian Shores
  • Scorched Earth 
  • Meet the Enemy
  • Neverland
  • A Rose for Epona
  • Havoc
  • The Uprising
  • Hope
  • The Siege
  • Alesia
  • Tullianum
  • Uxellodunon
  • Epilogue (outro/recording)
  • Otherland (intro/recording)
  • Everything Remains as It Never Was
  • Divico
  • Lament
  • Inis Mona 
  • Tegernak├┤