Friday, February 1, 2013

Enslaved/ Pallbearer/ Royal Thunder/ Ancient VVisdom @ Ottobar 1/31/2013

Went to see Enslaved last night at the Ottobar in Baltimore with Milla. We saw Ruby and Sarah S. and Heavy Metal Chris there. This show was pretty packed, I think there were about 350 people (including bands) total. I think the high point was during Pallbearer's set. People seemed to thin out a bit as Enslaved went on. we got there a little after 7.

There was a bit of merch for all bands (pictures coming soon). I grabbed the new Ancient VVisdom CD ($15) that is out later this week officially, and the merch dude hooked me up with a patch too! I think I musta been the first one to buy something? Enslaved had some CDs ($15), several shirts (~$20) and some discount shirts from last tour ($10!, but only S, XL). Royal Thunder had a ridiculously awesome diorama for their CD display (picture soon).

Nightfire were on as we got there, but we didn't really notice them. Harsh vocals and loud is all I really remember. Just finished buying merch...and then they finished as we turned to face the stage. They had a couple cute girls at their merch table, apparently they are from Delaware.

Ancient VVisdom I really wanted to see, as I thought their latest album (heard on a free stream) was very good. They are a very different sound (and slower) than what I usually like, not metal, but dark, an almost indie sound to them. The frontman reminded me of a chubby Jim Morrison. They sounded great and weird at the same time (the acoustic guitar, standing drummer, vocalist on the chains (insert monster mash joke here, he had chains he was banging against something), and bass and electric guitar players on stage). I enjoyed their set, they had a gradual buildup and sounded very powerful.

Royal Thunder were odd, as they seemed more of a stoner rock or throwback sound to them. They all looked like hipsters, so I was not sure what to expect sound-wise. The vocalist's look that day reminded me of Tom Keifer from Cinderella. She sounded STRONG and had some killer pipes, so the first 2 songs I was pretty interested. Her voice evoked a combination of Halestorm and Heart,but different. Unfortunately, the songs just felt very weak to me. Lyrically there were a lot of 'whoa oh oh's. Theirs songs kinda went nowhere IMO. I think we walked around at that point and ceased paying attention.

By the time Pallbearer came on, the floor was packed. I knew they'd be slow, but I was not familiar with their stuff. half of them looked like they were playing in a Southern Rock band and the others looks like part of some generic metal band, which I thought was amusing. They played several slow, drone-y, unremarkable songs IMO. Their last song (a new one) actually started sounding like it was going to go somewhere, but it was a momentary lapse. Sonically they sounded probably the heaviest of the night, but perhaps one of the most boring as well. Vocalist was muffled by the instruments,
as well. The crowd seemed pretty responsive, tho.

Enslaved came on a bit after, we were tired, the drone from Pallbearer made me sleepy. They came on to a very excited crowd, and def got the best response of the night. Our first impressions were that these guys are HELLA tall vikings. They sounded solid, no real complaints at all. Keyboards mixed in nicely, as well as the harsh and clean vocals. I was only familiar with their latest album, so I didn't get as pumped as some of the people during the show. There was a guitar/amp snafu at one point, and the bassist was telling horrible jokes to keep the crowd entertained. They sounded very good, but their setlist IMO seemed a bit odd. They did play some old stuff, which I am told was cool. The biggest pop of the night was for their Led Zeppelin (you had some old stuff, how about more...from 1970!?) cover (it did sound great). It was a pretty good performance and I got moderately into it. I'd def go see them again, but I need to bone up on the songs!

Overall a good warm up for the 2013 concert madness that is kicking into high gear in 2013 (5 within the first 8 days, 9 within the first 15!). Great seeing people I knew there, and then just other people I didn't, as the place eventually filled up. Especially on that cold cold night

Merch (a ton!)
Ancient VVisdom
Me and Rob from Ancient VVisdom
Royal Thunder
Blurry ass Enslaved setlist


? I dunno we were walking in and merch boothing at this point

Ancient VVisdom (7:47- 8:15)

  • By Fire Light
  • the Grave
  • Deathlike
  • World of Flesh
  • Death or Victory
  • The Opposition

Royal Thunder (8:34 -9sih?)

Pallbearer (9:26- 10:07)
(new song at the end)

Enslaved (10:42 -12:21)
  • Riitiir
  • Ruun
  • The Watcher
  • Thoughts Like Hammers
  • Ethica Odini
  • Roots of the Mountain
  • Materal
  • Convoys to Nothingness
  • As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
  • Allfaðr Oðinn
  • Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)
  • (Unknown)
  • Drum Solo
  • Isa