Monday, February 18, 2013

Hanzel Und Gretyl / Deathmaschine @ Recher Theater 2/15/2013

I went with John and Kate to see Hanzel Und Gretyl at the Recher Theatre - and was expecting a pretty happening show. However, the turnout was nothing like the KMFDM show we saw last year, so I was wondering if Recher did not promote, people were too busy, conflicts, the rain/cold/shitty weather or if people just don't dig Hanzel und Gretyl. There were about 80 people, tops at the show last night and it was visibly bare, compared to KMFDM which drew hundreds of people and was comfortably full. Tickets were relatively cheap ($15 in advance, face val). I was kinda furious that we coulda avoided buying in advance arrggh.

That is not to say that it wasn't fun, because it totally was. Kate and I were amazed that no one we knew (well the Rock n Roll Experience guy, I met him once) was there, but that's it. We rolled in to see the second opener, who I had not had the time/taken the time to look up. I had no idea what to expect, but they looked pretty cool.

Merch- Death Machine had their EP ($5), some shirts, patches, and stickers I think. H +G had text heavy shirts (I really almost wanted to get one if they had IMO better designs), and CDs, including their latest ($15). I got a couple CDs and the EP. The other opener that we missed had at least one shirt.

I got pretty close and took some decent pics (I think I had about 50 at the end of the night). I coulda gotten up on the rail if I wanted to, actually. They started out kinda muddy, and I could not make anything out for the first couple songs. Then, they kicked it up a notch and I got into it. Their staccato shouts, crude guitar, maniacal keys/synth, and constant drums certainly kept my attention.  Even at one point, all 3 non drummers grabbed drums that were strewn about on the stage and then everyone drummed in a drum solo. And it was not really boring. That from someone who hates drum solos, I think is high praise. They also asked whomever knew Ministry's "Burning Inside" to come on stage, and a few fans lumbered up and helped do the vox. I was unfamiliar with the song, and was wondering why do a drum solo AND a lengthy crowd involving cover.... well it sounded good either way.

Not too long after, but long enough to be a bit even ore displeased about the lack of turnout, I noticed a redheaded woman on stage and figured that might be Gretyl- and we started to make our way to secure our spots.... not that we really had to. I again coulda been on the rail. But I feel kind of awkward if I don't know the band's entire catalog and can't sing along or whatever like most of the rail monkeys do (not that there is anything wrong with that). I was kind of perplexed as to how H +G would do their show, as they started up with just the two of them on stage, with no drummer, keyboardist or anyone else. They had some sort of sequencer or whatever the hell you pump stuff thru the PA with and Hanzel would occasionally trigger it.

Regardless of their ... odd setup (tho I have seen other industrial/electronic bands that had a couple people on stage, but they had no guitars or enough people to accommodate each instrument), they sounded hella heavy and put on a hell of a show. Their appearance first off was killer- Hanzel in spiked German helmet and black skull partial facemask, leather lederhosen shorts, tall socks, and leather vest with beer can bandolier and the Flying V guitar which screamed GERMAN (Scorpions anyone?) to me. Gretyl had her bright red hair, all black shirt, leather bustier, short skirt, some sort of leather or pleather stockings with garters, and big industrial boots. Topped off with a big bass, I think many would be in love/lust. OH and the attitude.

I read the Rock n Roll Experience guy's review and he mentioned that he thought a good portion of the guitars were piped in with the backround trax/drum trax/synth trax. I am not sure, I can't recall any discrepancies, tho there were a bit more vocals piped in (more of the chorus or chants perhaps to augment Gretyl's power) than I expected. So the jury is out on that one. They seemed to be playing and singing for the most part!?

During 'More German than German,' they both put aside their instruments and started posing and dancing (Hanzel w/ the Robot, Gretyl with some industrial/EBM dancing). There were a couple songs you could totally start a pit to (ex: Der Furor). WILD.

Overall a great show, assuming you 'get' Hanzel und Gretyl's faux German/Nazi/whatever you wanna call it tongue in cheek approach to their music. I mean I was also wondering how some of the more.... iconic... shirts they have would go over with people who only see certain shapes/symbols and jump to conclusions O_O; The crowd was alright, but I feel with more people, there woulda been more energy there, for a more ... rambunctious show!

Deathmaschine I
Deathmaschine II
Deathmaschine drum ssolo
Hanzel und Gretyl merch
 Hanzel und Gretyl
Hanzel und Gretyl II
Hanzel und Gretyl DAS BOOT
Hanzel und Gretyl more
Hanzel und Gretyl- more of Gretyl
Hanzel und Gretyl end


Deathmaschine  (9:05 -9:35)
  • Name in Vain
  • Leech
  • All these dead
  • Riot
  • Burning Inside (Ministry Cover)
  • All I can do is laugh ( Drums solo)
  • The Human Condition

Hanzel Und Gretyl (9:50-11:10)

  • (Unknown)
  • (Unknown)
  • Holy Shiza
  • (Unknown)
  • Das Boot
  • Der Furor
  • (Unknown)
  • (German chant)
  • Bavarian Bierhaus Blood
  • (Unknown) (from uber alles I think maybe Komm Zu Uns?)
  • Disko Fire SheissMessiah
  • Third Reich From the Sun
  • More German Than German
  • (Unknown)
  • Ich Bin Uber Alles
  • Hail to the Darkside
  • (Unknown) ( from uber alles I think)
  • SS Deathstar Supergalatik
  • I'm Movin' To Deutschland
  • Fukken Über Death Party