Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lindsey Stirling @ 930 club 2/13/2013

Went with John and Kate to see Lindsey Stirling 2/13/2013. NOT METAL, but still highly entertaining. There was an opener that I thought was pure rubbish from what I heard on youtube. We elected to get there later. It was a sold out show, so I knew we'd be stuck in the back.

(probably the clearest one I got of her)

When we got there, I tried to get some Cradle of Filth tickets, but THEY HAD CANCELED THE SHOW. So I sadly got an M3 ticket to compensate. As predicted, the crowd was a bit...different from what I normally see. There were a lot of people in plaid shirts, a mostly younger crowd, and nearly all were not moving a lot during songs (Minus one amped dude who was jumpin' around). After each song, there was a TON of cheering, so they were totally appreciative, but they were showing it in different ways. I think she had some sort of connection with "America's Got Talent" or something like that, which brings in a different demographic.

Merchwise- There was her CD, cosplay posters (Zelda, Assassin's Creed, etc.), shirts (nothing struck me, shoulda taken a pic, and maybe a few other miscellaneous items. I got the CD ($15) from the cute merch girl.

 Lindsay had a drummer, and a keyboard/electronics master, positioned on each side of the stage. Her realm was the entire stage, which she prance around, whilst playing violin. It was pretty amazing to see someone able to do that (at least I think playing violin is pretty hard). I mean dancing about is hard too, so combine those and I would agree that 'America has got talent' in this case certainly. The sound was fantastic- her violin sounded so crisp.

All songs had the music video in the background or some sort of light visualization on the screen in the middle of the stage. It's stuff like that that I think enhances the show, enriches the music and performance! Also there were bubbles on a couple songs. Yes, bubbles.There was some sort of Dance competition where she brought on some fans to dance to the song a la let's dance video game (I believe the song was used in that game).

Lindsey had a few costume changes, but I couldn't really make out too many details from where we were. She had some commentary before most songs, which was interesting. The one where she was talking about visiting Africa and playing for kids there or something was ... I dunno... awkward. Something about that came across as awkward despite her good intentions (music communicating across language barriers, etc.).

The Zelda medley got a huge ovation (as expected), she said something about it being her most requested song. I am fully expecting her to make an album of video game covers if her or her managers have any sense. It would sell like hotcakes, marketed properly. Especially with cosplay.  I thought that sounded pretty great, but my favourite was probably that Evanesence cover, because it was pretty much just her soloing, without any electronic augmentations- making it pretty ethereal. That "Phantom" Medley was a close second tho.

Overall, a pretty great show (despite rubbish opener), over early, relatively low cost. Great sound and positive feelings (minus the judging of the hipster in front of us with these slotted glasses... that lit up in rainbow colours). Totally recommended

I think she came on around 8:55 and played til 10:15. It was def a shortish set, but I was kind of glad because Testament was over around 11 too (last night), and there were 2 more shows to go this week.

Lindsey I
Lindz II
Lindsey III

Setlist (8:55 - 10:15)

  • Elements
  • Electric Daisy Violin
  • Shadows
  • Michael Jackson Medley
  • Song of the Caged Bird
  • We Found Love(Rhianna cover)
  • (Unknown)
  • Zelda Medley
  • Good Feeling (Flo Rida cover) (With Dance Competition)
  • Zi-Zi's Journey
  • Moon Trance
  • Transcendence
  • Phantom of the Opera Medley
  • My Immortal(Evanescence cover)
  • Crystallize