Thursday, February 21, 2013

Marduk/ Moonspell / Inquisition/ The Foreshadowing/ Deathwolf @ Empire 2/20/2013

Went to see Marduk/ Moonspell/ Inquisition at Empire ($23) with Milla. Saw Dorothy, Ruby, and probab a couple other people there. There were a lot of people there! About a few hundred people there at the high point, a pretty great turnout. Not to mention the brisk business the merch booths were doing. It was pretty crowded on the floor for Inquisition and Marduk, not so much for Moonspell, but not shabby.

This was the first night of the tour!! Apparently Moonspell and Marduk were co-headliners, based on the set times. As kind of expected, everything was running a bit late, about 15-20 minutes late from
the advertised set times. The black metal shows seem to bring out my Hispanic brothers and sisters, so there were a ton of long haired short Spanish guys (and chicks!) in leather and black t shirts. Pretty cool. There was also one chick in rainbow furry coat and hair. I shoulda gotten a picture and asked about her story. A pretty healthy turnout for a show I guess I didn't expect a lot of people at.

We had to leave early (11:37), right as the "With Satan..." was starting. My other friends reported they played until midnight, so there are like 20 minutes of songs still to be identified. I'm not a Marduk super fan, so sorry for the lack of um... information on some songs. First time that I've seen Inquisition, so same story there, but they were GREAT.

We got there in time to see 2 songs of Deathwolf, which was more like black n roll or something like that. I didn't find it particularly remarkable. Can't really comment on them otherwise.

The Foreshadowing, from Italy, was next. I have to say I tried to like them, but all I could think of was the Italian bands I know that are better than them. Which is like all. Christina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil could just sit on stage for like 25 minutes and have a better set than they did. Their particular brand of slow gothic, mopey, almost melancholic rock/metal was kind of draining and IMO boring. I thought the drums sounded really good from where we were standing (at the bar), tho. I really wasn't diggin' them. I feel sorry cause they came alll the way from Italy to be starred at blankly. I recall the crowd reaction was... weak.

Inquisition picked up the pace and maybe looked even better because of The Foreshadowing, not to mention the kick ass corpsepaint. Inquisition was 2 guys putting down an immense amount of melody and evil noise from their drums and guitar. I had no idea it was just the two guys, and I was amazed how much energy they brought. Vocals were pretty typical black metal, one of the songs sounded like he was singing/harsh vocaling thru a fan. Whatever, they had some driving melodies behind them that I was diggin'. A bunch of pits broke out during many songs \m/

Moonspell, from Portugal, was a wild card for me. I was familiar with some of their older albums - gothy sometimes, black metal like others so i was not sure what to expect in a live setting, especially with more albums under their belts. The singer came out with a gladiator (from the movie) helmet and sang the first song, with a ton of energy, The crowd more on the left side of the stage (and one super fan in the middle shouting every lyric and moving like a controlled maniac) was more into it than the side we were on. They sounded kinda muddy vocal wise at times, but the guitar was pretty clean (maybe it was cause we were on the guitarists' side?). Overall, the singer was able to mobilize a lot of fists to pumping position and at least on the floor, the crowd seemed mostly into it. I thought they had a great performance, especially since I only knew about 2 songs (Opium, Alma Matter).  Their last 2 songs kind of killed the momentum for me tho :/

Marduk, last seen last year at Sonar, came on kinda late, and sounded damn heavy. I think they sounded better last time, but I may have been pretty tired this time. Regardless, the crowd was rowdy and totally went apeshit for several songs (pit wise, wild!), like Baptism by Fire. As a more casual Marduk fan, I think they sounded very good, but can't really judge any particularities. The singer seemed a bit confrontational at a couple points, perhaps demanding more audience shouting along, but maybe people were tired. I dunno, it def helped their aggressive performance image :3  We had to leave early, so I only have a partial set list below.

Overall not a bad show at all, I wish we coulda stayed longer, but we *did* recently see Marduk not so long ago. Moonspell and Inquisition were totally worth the price of admission alone. If you see the show lemme know what you think of The Foreshadowing....

Inquisition had a few shirts ($20)- skeletal Jesus and Mary, cool skull one, just logo, and red w/ logo, 2 CDs ($10) -Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult (I got  this one) and , and were out of the M shirt I wanted WTF first night of the tour.

The Foreshadowing had CDs ($15), shirts, and a forlorn looking singer at the merch book

Marduk had several shirts ($20)- one with skull dudes, one with the band and  one of them with boot sole exposed, about to stomp (I got this one), and I think a couple others an olive hoodie, and maybe some flag or something else.

Moonspell had a few shirts ($20 or $25 )- new album cover, 2 with just logo, and another one I can't recall. CD of new album ($10), CD Deluxe ($25), bandana ($15), and a couple other items.

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Deathwolf ( ?  -7:20)

The Foreshadowing (7:40 -8:05)
  • ?
  • ? (The Aftermaths?)
  • Ground Zero
  • Chant of Widows

Inquisition (8:30-9:00)
  • ?
  • ?
  • Crush the Jewish Prophet
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Moonspell (9:27- 10:26)
  • Axis Mundi
  • (Unknown) (I think it was Alpha Noir, but I am not 100% sure,)
  • Finisterra
  • Night Eternal
  • Opium
  • Lickanthrope
  • Love Is Blasphemy
  • Em Nome do Medo
  • Alma Mater
  • Grandstand
  • Full Moon Madness

Marduk (10:58- 12 (reported) )

  • Serpent Sermon
  • Nowhere, No-One, Nothing
  • (Unknown)(maybe Slay the Nazarene)
  • Throne of Rats
  • (Unknown)(I think it was Deme Quaden Thyrane)
  • (Unknown)
  • Temple of Decay
  • Baptism by Fire
  • Panzer Division Marduk
  • With Satan and Victorious Weapons  
  • (MORE???)