Thursday, March 21, 2013

Adrenaline Mob @ Empire 3/16/2013

Went to see Adrenaline Mob at Empire on 3/16/2013. I was part of a few people who won some social media meet + greet so I got there hella early.

There were a couple, and younger couple and a mom and me for this meet and greet. We were pretty quickly herded thru and met each of the band, I got my booklet signed by all and got a group pic. I shoulda said more to Russell Allen about Star One, but at least he and Mike Orlando liked my RAINBOW shirt. Cool. After the brief meet and greet there I went back out and got something more to eat. I got restless and came back after the first opener and in time to hear the last song of the 2nd opener

Adrenaline Mob had a couple shirts ($20), their new covers CD, and maybe something else. Nothing More had a bunch of merch,  and a couple other bands had stuff, but I didn't really peruse.

There were about 130 or so people there at the high point. The floor was pretty packed by the time Adrenaline Mob took the stage. 

Dark Dissolve - caught last song. They had a violin player, a harp (!!), bass, guitar, drums, and a kinda hot singer in leather top n pants. I didn't think the one song I heard sounded very good. Singer sounded kinda off key. The violin, however, sounded very nice.

Bachs of Rock- So I noticed some kids like 10 or so setting up on stage.  Basically School of Rock local played. They actually sounded very good, and I was mostly impressed (they kinda butchered some parts of their cover songs, but for 10, they were freakin' amazing). Not to mention the original stuff not sounding too bad. Watch these kids. Or at least the singer/guitarist who seemed to be driving the whole thing. I really hate that Beatles song they covered, so for me that kinda halted their momentum a bit.

Southern Governor - I'd seen them open for Jackyl before and was pretty impressed. A group of brothers and probably their uncle or dad that play that southern rock sound (Molly Hatchet/ Black Stone Cherry). I think they were one of the only bands that did NOT play covers. They sounded really good, if you like that type of music (which I do). Very tight.

From the Ashes of Her Wake- larger young lady with good pipes at her keys with a band. They sounded alright. (Their cover was a Metallica one), some parts sounded very good and you could sense the emotion from the singer, but other parts sounded a bit...messy. I may need to give more listens, but I am leaning toward more of a kind emoish sound as it were Apparently it was their CD release as well.

Nothing More- I had my reservations from the couple songs I heard by them that I was not impressed with. From TX I believe, some sort of core band, that had 3 or 4 AMPED fans near the front,  with some converts as their set went on. I think sonically they sounded nice and heavy, and they brought a lot of energy but kind of all over the place. One song the singer sounded like Steven Tyler and then others he just sounded whining. Much of the songs were all over the place. Choruses were better and more melodic, but something was not quite right. I couldn't get into them. I also noticed that their choruses were very predictable- repeating ( HA HA HA).

Adrenaline Mob finally came on and was pretty great. The crowd def got way more excited for them than any other band (as expected). They sounded pretty great, and Mike Portnoy's drum kit was huge. He stood on TOP of it at several points, looking for applause. The crowd ate it up! They played a couple covers, chosen by fans thru bookface (Kill the King, Baracuda). I really wanted to hear High Wire, but that's how it goes I guess. Russell Allen sounded great, Portnoy was great, that guy from Disturbed on bass was fine, and Tony Orlando was decent (but I was kind of underwhelmed by his playing... he wasn't bad but I guess I was expecting more virtuosity). Everyone on stage looked like they were having fun, regardless, and that certainly helped the fun feelings. They played almost their first album (minus Freight Train), so that was pretty cool. Even the kind of meh ballad 'Angel Sky' sounded really good.

At one point, for Undaunted, Russell, Mr Disturbed, and Tony Orlando started jumping in unison, prompting the crowd to follow suit. The floor was kind of shaking. They kind of continued their kind 'mob' theme with the intro (Sopranos) and outro (Godfather).

Overall a fun night, despite getting there hella early and listening to a TON of bands (some better than others). I was kind of hoping Adrenaline Mob would have brought someone better than Nothing More, but eh... guess its good to expand one's horizons sometimes.

Me and Adrenaline Mob \m/
the mob I
Mob II
Adrenaline mob III


Dark Dissolve (- 6:56)

Bachs of Rock 
  • ?An original
  • Come Together (Beatles)  
  • Tom Sawyer (Rush)
  • The Trooper (Iron Maiden)
  • A Tour l' Monde (Megadeth)
  • No (Original)

Southern Governor
  • ?
  • Gasoline

From the Ashes of Her Wake (8:21 -8:44)
  • ?
  • ?
  • One
  • Beginning of the end
  • Executioner

Nothing More (9:08- 9:38)
  • ? intro
  • ?
  • //I left at this point to the other room, there may have been a song or 2 here
  • ? solo being played on top of some mounted Bass
  • Salem

Adrenaline Mob (10:20- 11:40ish)
  • Sopranos theme intro
  • Psychosane
  • Feelin' Me
  • Down to the Floor
  • Angel Sky
  • Indifferent
  • Kill the King (Rainbow cover)
  • Believe Me
  • Hit the Wall
  • All on the Line
  • Come Undone (Duran Duran cover)
  • Undaunted
  • Guitar Solo
  • Barracuda (Heart cover)
  • The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath cover)
  • Godfather Theme  outro