Saturday, March 23, 2013

KMFDM @ State Theater 3/18/2013

Went to see KMFDM ($30) at the State Theater w/ Milla and John n Kate. We saw Paul and his lady and some older gentleman from midnight there. And the guy with the blue dreads from Ego Likeness.

We got there a bit early, and it was a kind of late show, starting at 8pm for the first opener. I was rather unimpressed by both openers and that, combined with the rain kind of detracted from the whole experience. I know KMFDM has toured with Legion Within before, because their singer came out and did a song with them last time, too.

Chant- from TX I think. 2 guys, a ton of drums and a laptop. Songs sounds kinda mopey. I liked their light show but wasn't really feeling the music. The front man had a cool vest with spikes on the back, like a Koopa Troopa tho.

Legion Within- frontman reminded me of a cross between David Bowie, Billy Idol, and sounding like the guy from Petshop Boys. Synth/goth/pop. He seemed like he had the start of a decent stage presence, but the songs were just not exciting to me and that detracted from the performance IMO. His low vocals were also kind of buried in the mix, which also contributed to the 'sameness' of the  songs.

At this point I was feeling tired after some not very interesting openers and really wanted KMFDM to come on to make the trip worth it. Merch wise KMFDM had a ton of shirts and some other things I can't recall. Not their new CD tho, for some reason. The openers had CDs and shirts. The merch area was way more full than the solitary shirt that Blue Oyster Cult had.

KMFDM finally came on a bit after 10 and played a rather continuous set w/ little if any stage/crowd banter. Actually maybe none now that I think about it. The songs came rather quick and were def received well by the crowd, I don't think there were any dead spots, even for the slower 'Ave Maria.'

They eventually played a lot of songs from their new album, including my favourite from that album- Kunst. What was interesting about this show that I do not recall from the last KMFDM show was a pretty constant pit. Not a particularly nasty one, but it was rather active.

Sound wise, the guitars were kind of low in the mix, except maybe on the last couple of songs, but they were still fine. Otherwise the sound at the State Theater was very good (it IS a theater you know), but I think Blue Oyster Cult's sound was better. There was a pretty sizable crowd- about a few hundred people. It was packed on the floor and people were sitting at a lot of the tables and on the balcony.

Style wise: Sasha was wearing a similar if not the same motorcross/ paintball vest, but Lucia was wearing a nice spiky corset and some sort of PVC shorts. And stockings ;3. The Hatebreed looking guitarist was a little less Hatebreed looking, but the Misfits/ Adam D looking one looked the same. I don't recall how the drummer looked, but he sounded fine.



Chant  (we got there) - 8:38
(heard 3 songs)

Legion Within (8:55- about 9:30 I think)

KMFDM 10:04 - 11:43

  • D.I.Y.
  • Amnesia
  • Kunst
  • Ave Maria
  • Quake
  • Free Your Hate
  • Son of a Gun
  • Rebels in Kontrol
  • Lynchmob
  • Pussy Riot
  • Krank
  • Animal Out
  • Tohuvabohu
  • Hau Ruck
  • Sucks ((partial))
  • I ? Not
  • Anarchy (with William Wilson from Legion Within)
  • Megalomaniac
  • A Drug Against War