Sunday, March 24, 2013

Y&T @ Baltimore Soundstage 3/24/2013

Met up with Dave and his buddy to see the Yesterday and Today band at the Baltimore Soundstage ($25). This was already an odd show, as there were NO openers announced, and the show was to start at 8:00PM. Day of, Dave got an email indicating no openers and that Y&T would start at 8PM as advertized (I could not believe this).

I got there around 7:40, due to some traffic near the inner harbour. I saw a line to get in around 7:30 as I was passing the venue. I rolled in, didn't have to show any ID, and saw that the place had more people than I anticipated. I think there were about 300 people at the high point. Maybe more or less, but the tables in the back and side both kinda threw off my count.

The worst thing about the night was one of those bathroom attendant guys was in the men's room. I refuse to use any of their soap/towels/tip them. So creepy. The problem with this was that I am pretty sure he was hoarding all the soap in the bathroom. Talk about health issue. So I didn't get to wash my hands until the end. Good thing I didn't touch anyone O_O;.

Merch wise there were a few shirts (mean streak, black tiger, think a facemelter one) ($20-25), buncha CDs - Y&T remasters and the newish live one and Dave's solo (all $15). Perhaps I shoulda picked up a Mean Streak one that I've previously seen for like $23 at FYE. And stickers ($1) and a poster($5)

ANYWAYS, so Dave and his buddy and I were derping around, wondering if they would REALLY start at 8. Dave mentioned maybe they would be on at 8, off by around 10, then open the place up to an impromptu college social or something. Then Dave's buddy (Kevin) identifies the beginning to 'Black Tiger' over the PA and we turn to the stage and see.. the Y&T lads take the stage! At 8:16, so not too bad a wait. This started a great show that ran Two Hours and 15 minutes !!!

I immediately noticed the GREAT sound coming from Soundstage's speakers. I've gotta say they have a better sound system than Empire/Jaxx. Then I recognized that Dave Meniketti and co were producing the original crisp guitars and powerful vocals and still going strong. I think they've been at it 30+ years. I wonder how they sound now compared to back in the 80s- That would be an interesting comparison, because I thought they sounded fantastic.

Dave M.'s solos were played close eyed and with a subtle virtuosity. This guy was almost a John Sykes level Frontman with his strong singing and guitar talent. Totally blew me away. The drums were also pretty pivotal and the double bass kick filled out Y&T's sound nicely. The bass and rhythm guitar were solid- no complaints there. The bassist had some odd shirt that looked like it had a home made Y out of black on it on one side of the chest, but no T on the other. It was confusing. Many songs had extended 'rock' finishes, which I think if shortened, we coulda heard another song!

They powered thru the set, even the songs I didn't know/couldn't remember sounded great. It reminded me of the House of Lords show a while back- great sound, powerful performances, receptive crowd, and rockin' songs. Before 'Straight Thru..' Dave chatted about how Eddie Trunk was at a few of their shows and loved that song... but they didn't play it. So someone should take a video and send it to him cause they were playing it tonight ;3  'I'm Coming Home' was dedicated to someone that I can't quite recall, and he spoke of that the video got a million hits (I just checked and it totally has over 1 million hits. Wow). At a couple points Dave M was querying the crowd for requests, but I don't think/know if he actually took them. He said there were a couple songs that were not on the setlist ('Straight Thru...').

So they get to the encore and Dave Meniketti brings up what we all were thinking (They haven't played 'Summertime Girls' yet!)- basically they had a keys player who was under the weather or something and they wanted to do the song justice. He had a kind of grimace on his face when he was like 'This is the part of the show where we usually play Summertime Girls... BUT..." So then they proceeded to play it sans keys (guitars replaced them), and with a huge crowd sing-a-long. I think this was probably the least cheesy version of that song that I've heard.

I would have liked to hear a couple other songs ('Don't be Afraid of the Dark'), and I guess the worst song of the night for me was 'Shine On,' but even that sounded good. But for a show that was over 2 hours and packed full of quality songs and musicianship, it was totally worth it and I can't really complain. Dave M and the boys really have that special something that makes you wanna move and keep on rocking, man. If you like a hard rocking time, then you have GOT to go see Y&T live. I am kicking myself for missing them last year.



Y&T (8:16- 10:31 !!)

  • Black Tiger
  • Lonely Side of Town
  • Mean Streak
  • Losing My Mind
  • Dirty Girl
  • Rhythm or Not
  • Midnight in Tokyo
  • Lipstick and Leather
  • Don't Stop Running
  • Shine On
  • Winds of Change
  • Straight thru the heart
  • Contagious
  • I'm Coming Home
  • I'll Cry for You 
  • Squeeze (John Nymann on vocals)
  • I Believe in You
  • Forever
  • Go for the Throat
  • Drum solo
  • Summertime Girls ( no keys)
  • Rescue Me