Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paganfest America 2013- Ensiferum /Týr/ Heidevolk / Trollfest /Helsótt / Yesterday's Saints @ Soundstage 4/15/2013

Went to Paganfest America 2013, featuring Ensiferum /Týr/ Heidevolk / Trollfest /Helsótt / 
Yesterday's Saints @ Soundstage 4/15/2013 at the Soundstage, Baltimore. We (Kate, Milla, Lex, Kev) saw a TON of people there- Dorothy, Lindsey, Sarah, Dan B, Dan P, Dan P's squeeze, ETHAN,  guy from Ripper show, Annie, Zach O, Matt R, Eric and Erich,  and some new friends (Krystal, Nick (wintersun!!) and John Booth)! (hope I didn't miss anyone)

So we got there a little later than anticipated, applied some minimalistic Ensiferum facepaint (whcih IMO looks a lot like American Footbal facepaint), and missed most of Yesterday's Saints's set. We saw their last few songs, which I thought sounded pretty great. I think better than last time (I saw them last at Death Angel)- so that's def good! ARGHHH Traffic! Next time :/

Helsott, from TX, were next, and they sounded pretty solid. Better than the few songs I heard on yubtub, and def more enthralling live. They had some sort of red/black messy facepaint on and a number of people on stage. They had some EP for sale, which perhaps I should have gotten. I thought they were much more enjoyable than Trollfest. We headbanged thru most of their set.

The odd sounding Trollfest was on next. They took the stage in bumblbee costumes- why, I don't know. But I think it fit their not very serious image. They had like 10 people on stage as well, a bit of a spectacle for sure. I knew from listening to a few songs that they would be popular with the moshing/folk pit/drinking crowd, as their energetic and fast paced songs would be very conducive to movement. I thought they were a bit unremarkable in terms of their sound, and a bit messy sounding. The crowd seemed to dig them a lot, tho. They weren't bad, but I just wasn't struck by them. I roved the floor, and chatted with people at this time

There were a couple people in leather armour (not as many as last time), a girl in a schoolgirl skirt (woo), some people (besides us) in Ensiferum and Turisas face paint, a larger girl in some sort of scandalous outfit that included a ton of cleavage, a loincloth, and drinking horn (very reminiscent of a Jabba's Palace character). Some kilts, some kutte vests, some leather, and even a guy wearing some sort of (faux?) animal skin! These folk metal shows always bring out an interesting crowd :3

The back part of Soundstage was closed off, and the merch was at the area where the seats usually are. There were allegedly 350 tickets presold, and I imagine there was some walk up business, too. It was pretty packed, but not uncomfortably so. 400 or so people I think is a good estimate?

I got an Ensiferum shirt ($25), with the old man on it. The logo one was kinda cool too. All the other shirts I was kind of underwhelmed with, which was disappointing because last year the bands had mostly pretty cool shirts. Heidevolk also had a 3 song EP for $5, Ensiferum had their latest one (deluxe edition) for $20, the last beanie for $15, and  something else that I can't quite recall. There were various other items as well.

Heidevolk was on next, and I recall they were supposed to be decent. I enjoyed their set I think, but I don't really recall how or anything particular about their sound, only that I thought it sounded really good. I think the mead and Fat Tires caught up to me at this point is why details are fuzzy. I do recall noticing 2 vocalists, but I only heard the harsh vocals (I think one was supposed to be clean vocals). Again, I don't know why I didn't pick up a CD (I think they had one?) afterwards.

Tyr, the second band I was most excited to see, finally took the stage, and many people seemed amped about them. I particularly enjoyed 'Tróndur Í Gøtu.' There were pits, of course, and a lot of fist pumping. I ventured for a short few seconds in the pit and found myself near the front, so I snapped a few pics. I thought they sounded better and had a more cohesive setlist this time than last. Nothing really to complain about except that the vocals maybe could have been a bit higher in the mix. And that they could have played longer :3

Ensiferum (the band I most wanted to see) came on late and played late \m/ They sounded pretty great. Something about their songs translate extremely well live. I found myself in the cycle of in the pit, to the bathroom for water, to the back, slowly move up, and repeat- for much of their set. I def got a ton of photos of them, and some very good close ups, from like the 2nd row.  I had my glasses off, and in a hard case for this time, so I had some good shots and some unusable shots. I couldn't really see what they were doing for a lot of the show, as I was watching myself in the pit. I can tell you that the energy they brought, the crowd reciprocated, as far as I could tell.  At one point, a guitarist played behind his head, like Yngwie (but I can assure you, he's no slouch, but he's no Yngwie).

The only part of Ensiferum's set that I didn't like was the end, where they played some version of the William Tell Overture... and then just kind of walked off stage after that. I think it was a kind of weak or incomplete way to finish the show.

Overall a GREAT show, way better than last year. Even if we got home late-  Had a blast with old friends, and some new ones! I'm finding some new bruises as I write this, and I was hung over in the morning, but it was well worth it.

Heidevolk I
Heidevolk II
Ensiferum I
Ensiferum II
Ensiferum III
Ensiferum IV
Ensiferum V- Backsiferum
Ensiferum VI !!
Ensiferum VII end

Setlists (from previous reports, they seem accurate as far as I can recall, esp Tyr and Einsiferum... Trollfest and Heidevolk I hope are accurate):

  • Vandals Divide
  •  Den åpne sjø
  •  Brumlebassen
  •  Karve
  •  Trinkentroll
  •  Der Jegermeister
  •  Helvetes Hunden Garm

  •  Nehalennia
  • Ostara
  • Saksenland
  • Als de dood weer naar ons lacht
  •  Een nieuw begin
  • Beest bij nacht
  • Vulgaris Magistralis

  • Flames of the Free
  • Tróndur Í Gøtu
  • Shadow of the Swastika
  • Hail to the Hammer
  •  Ramund Hin Unge
  • Regin Smiður
  •  Hold the Heathen Hammer High
  • The Lay of Thrym

  • In My Sword I Trust
  • Guardians of Fate
  • From Afar
  • Burning Leaves
  • One More Magic Potion
  • Retribution Shall Be Mine
  • Tale of Revenge
  • Lai Lai Hei
  • Treacherous Gods
  • Twilight Tavern
  • Iron
  • Battle Song
  • William Tell Overture