Friday, May 17, 2013

Ghost @ 9:30 Club, 5/13/2013

Went to see the much buzzed about Ghost (B.C.) at the 9:30 club ($25.25). I met up with Nina and Mr Nina and Dorothy. There were a lot of people there, but it def was not sold out. Well attended, but not packed. I know I saw Heavy Metal Chris and the big Latina girl who goes to the heavier shows (I really need to ask her her name cause I forget).

I didn't care for what I heard of the openers- Ides of Gemini, and we heard the last song, or somewhat whilst getting our tickets, but I really can't comment apart from I think I would have fallen asleep during their set.

Merch: Ghost had several shirts ($30) (almost got the Year Zero one), a hoodie ($60!), their new album ($15), patches (?), and maybe something else. Ides of Gemini had vinyl, maybe a shirt, and friggin cassette tapes ($7) of their new album. Ok so I almost flipped the merch booth when I saw that. I  swear these hipsters...

There were a lot of people in black band shirts, but I did notice a good number of 'normal people' and more suspected hipsters. I try not to judge, but this band I can't help but think is trolling people, with their retro-Blue Oyster Cult esque sound. That same retro or stoner element that Mastodon or similar bands have that hipster following... like people that think they are METAL, but really are ...not quite (I think I need to revise this). And that maybe Ghost (with their whole masked/nameless gimmick) are really super hipsters and playing a grand joke. I have no solid proof but there are signs...

I immediately noticed the church/cathedral backdrop with stained glass. It looked awesome and really set the stage (err no pun intended) for the heretical performance that would go on next. Ghost went on around 9PM, and jammed, man. The 'nameless ghouls' took the stage first, played the intro and the crowd erupted as Papa Emeritus II in his faux pope outfit slid onstage. They sounded clear and great, despite perhaps the vocals being a bit low.

There were no pits (I mean come on all their songs are not pittable), and the crowd was kinda tame movement wise. They were pretty loud and very appreciative of the bigger songs (Ritual, Elisabeth, and the treat Ghuleh/Zombie Queen).  My Favourite had to be the admittedly non metal 'Body and Blood...' during which the crowd (besides me and maybe Nina...and maybe some people near  the front) were motionless. Jeez. IMO that song JAMS... but I can see how people may call that one lame. Hell, one fan on the balcony was sitting down the entire show. Others on the rail looked disinterested.

Ghost kept about a smooth level of energy (however significantly less than a 'normal' metal concert, but in a different vibe. The crowd was somewhat bobbing their heads, but there were no pits, and sometimes they were motionless ('Body...'). Their ovations after the songs did reveal their enjoyment, however. It was still a strange vibe. Also of note was the popularity of 'Ghouleh/Zombie Queen,' which was only recently brought out on tour- I myself liked the surf music part of that song... and recommend a watusi to go with it.

Overall, if you like the smooth retro faux Satanic, tongue in cheek (dare I say) camp of Ghost, then you'll enjoy them live. If you're looking for something heavier and more serious, then wait for my Gorod (Technical Death Metal) review !


Ghost I
Ghost II- nice lights
Ghost III
Ghost IV
Ghost - Papa Emeritus closeup
Ghost (9-10:20)
  •  Infestissumam
  • Per Aspera ad Inferi
  • Con Clavi Con Dio
  • Prime Mover
  • Elizabeth
  • Secular Haze
  • Body and Blood
  • Stand by Him
  • Death Knell
  • Satan Prayer
  • Genesis
  • Year Zero
  • Ritual

  • Ghuleh / Zombie Queen (!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Monstrance Clock