Saturday, May 11, 2013

L.A. Guns @ Empire 5/9/2013

I went to see L.A. Guns ($17) at Empire and saw my buddy Tony, Erin, and Josh there. Only person there that I recognized was the Vince Neil/ Hulk Hogan looking guy who we used to see at all the hair band shows.

Merch: L.A. Guns was selling their latest CD (15), a DVD, a classic patch (15), classic shirt (20), maybe another shirt. The opener GI9 also had a small table set up but I didn't really look.

Overall there were probably close to 80 people there tonight too. It def started out very thin. I was kind of expecting more people at Empire, for a Thursday show, for L.A. Guns... but perhaps the lineup wasn't great (L.A. Guns and... 2 locals that I had not heard of), or the promotion was...lacking

We got there around 8:55 I think, and the second opener (GI9 ? G19? Hard to read their font) just got on. So we hung out near the bar, had some drinks, and discussed as to why a slow ballad 3 songs in may not have been the best choice. A slow, LONG ballad. So we migrated back to the Alchemy room for a bit. I thought the singer sounded fine, and his band wasn't bad, it was just the songs weren't inspired. Maybe a cover or 3 would have helped things out. I dunno, I couldn't get into them.

There were several other observations this evening- such as the house lights being on the whole time. WTF? The beer police were in full swing this night as well- the sentry at the bar stairs was watching people like a hawk, sometimes even checking someone's wristband after they left the bar area... One girl was accosted for trying to take her beer down. I know underage drinking must have a huge fine (they def had a run in one night not that long ago....), but at an L.A. Guns show where the 2 youngest people there were with their dad at the rail with huge headphones/mufflers I really don't think this was a concern. I mean look at the L.A. Guns fanbase.... I remember when my buddy and I were the youngest people going to these hair band shows...

There were also some kind cute older ladies- 6 inch heels, leopard print, various degrees of tans, faster pussycat shirt, and one tall amazon. There were a couple younger girls (cowgirl). I also noticed this one guy who must have been douche #1, popped collar, faux chains, patent leather dress shows, designer jeans, blazer, I can't even... OK I'm done.

As L.A. Guns took the stage, I noticed that Erin's observation that they all had the same Nikki Sixx/Keith Richards hair cut. Jeez. I thought that they sounded pretty good, tho a bit muffled (thanks, Jaxx/Empire sound system). Phil IMO sounded probably better than he had the last time I had seen him with L.A. Guns. He was the highlight of the show. They played a kind of short set (a little over an hour), so that could have been improved.

They played a lot of great songs and some new ones,as well as the IMO Horrible 'Jayne', with an unnecessary drum solo. This guy's no Mike Portnoy. Let's just leave it at that. Now the thing that struck my friend was that the guitarist was screwing up the solos. He's an L.A. Guns superfan and has seen them a ton of times. I really only noticed some sloppy playing or ...less than inspired solo... a couple times. I am only a casual L.A. Guns fan, so they mostly sounded good to me. I have heard reports (and seen live footage) of him not screwing up, so maybe this was a bad night? I am not sure- I'll have to see what other people report about his performances on future shows. It didn't ruin my experience, but my buddy was pretty upset about it. Out of all the time's he's seen them, he said this guy was by far the worst of the lot.

Again, I can only report what I think/experienced and what other people who were there told me. I can't speak for other dates or the like, but I believe this guitar player's guitar soloing was subpar this evening. The rest of the guitar playing and the band was fine,and Phil was in top form.



L.A. Guns (10:18- 11:28):
  • Sex Action
  • Never Enough
  • I Wanna Be Your Man
  • Over The Edge
  • ? (probably You Better Not Love Me)
  • Sweet Mystery
  • ? (probably Gypsy Soul)
  • Kiss My Love Goodbye
  • Vampire
  • Drum Solo
  • Electric Gypsy
  • The Ballad Of Jayne
  • Rip and Tear
  • Show No Mercy