Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mayhem Fest @Jiffy Lube Live 7/24/2013 part I

We went to see Mayhem Fest  with Kate. It was a hella long day- noon to 11PM. We eventually met up with John, Shabba, and Michele. We saw SO MANY PEOPLE- Jessica and her friend, Iri and Julius, Ariel y su mujer y hija, Tom, Scott, Bridget, Pheobe n Matt, maybe even one more!

Sure to be Part I : the bands not on the main stage, because we were there for like 11 hours.

We got there around noon, about the time that the gates had opened. There were already lines and lines of people there, which was blowing my mind. As we parked near the end of a row, the line to wait at the gates...snaked past my car. So despite the relaxed tailgating that I've seen at Country shows, we had a reduced tailgating experience due to the cruiser parked about 12 feet from us. So we ate our tuna sandwiches, then got in line with the rest of the unwashed. Talked with some old timers about some killer shows, so that was cool. And the people watching- oh the people watching. #1 stunner was the guy with half a fur suit, like satyr.  I kid you not (ok done w/ puns).

We eventually made our way with snacks in hand and not being frisked to what we noticed were the side stages all set up in the parking lot area (WTF). Well, I figured with 4 stages this must be their solution 

Thrown Into Exile  came on first, and they sounded alright. I don't really recall much about them- they had a guy who was looking like a thinner Rob Zombie. I think their sound was metalcore/thrashy. Not bad, but not memorable. HOWEVER, I was busy looking around at all the booths, the layout, the merch, the signing times, etc. That's one recurring theme- the lack of time between some bands, and too much time between others...

Since it was still early, cause I wanted to, and cause we could we got up hella closer for Huntress. Also, wanted to get some good ones of Ms. Jill Janus. They sounded a bit off or muffled, but I think that is because we were 'too close.' SO that part was a little disappointing, but I think being up that close and watching the band was worth it. I must admit "I want to Fuck You to Death" sounded way better live.  The guitarists were a lot more interesting than the last time I saw them (at Paganfest 2012)

Attika 7 w/ lame Evan Seinfeld from Biohazard was on a little later,  and I recall taking a few pics and hearing a bit of their first song or 2. Something about them I didn't like, but they sounded pretty heavy.  But I think mainly just browsed the merch booths, found restrooms (all the way inside the actual venue) for most of their set. We also discovered that you could NOT bring alcoholic drinks into the parking lot side stage areas... so some people needed to finish their drinks sooner than later.

Battlecross- we heard a bit of them but I think we were in line for Amon Amarth signing, but only could make out a little bit. I can't really comment, but the crowd seemed to be moving

Motionless in White- still in line but were able to hear several songs from these guys, as they were on the stage closest to the merch booths. I recall the crowd being pretty animated for them, and them sounding OK. Nothing amazing, and def not as industrial or keys heavy as I would have wanted. Their metalcore sound seemed to be on the rise, as I saw more than a few people in their shirts (despite not really having heard of them before). They had a good crowd reaction, but I didn't find them that good. Milla wanted to see these guys, but I will need to read her review to hear her thoughts, cause she was more familiar with them.

Butcher Babies- in line, but only could hear a little of them, unfortunately. I was hoping to evaluate their actual talent and hotness. However, they have covered up, compared to their debuts. I know there was a huge line for their signing, maybe even more than the constant Amon Amarth line. All I could determine from where we were was noise from them, unfortunately. 

Born of Osiris- I think we were out of line or close to the signing itself by this time, and I thought a black guy was in this band. The crowd was kind of apeshit over these guys, IMO I heard nothing great. They had some alright stuff going on with the guitars, but I would need to hear some studio recordings to get a better idea of their deal. I know the frontman was animated enough, jumping around and off of things, so that was pretty cool, if not foolhardy. Again, was distracted with the signing and socializing

Job For a Cowboy- I am not sure how, but we missed a bit of their set, and we heard probably the last half (like 3 songs) in the back of the crowd. I think they sounded better at the Cafe 611 show, probably because that contained the thundering sound they have. Some of that IMO was lost when taken to the open air. 

Emmure- saw these guys ramble on stage, and I think i immediately stopped paying attention. I can't recall what we were up to, but I think we wanted to check the restroom (and I wanted to hear some of Scorpion Child) and get a foods. I probably should have stayed to hear half a song then get engaged.

Scorpion Child- I heard a bit of them on my travels, and they sounded pretty good. That is if you like Led Zeppelin sounding bands, which these guys are basically trying  to be. I can't confirm it but I think the reason why people were at this stage (that had conflicts with all the signed acts) was that you could drink in this area OR simply hated the other bands.  I wish I could have heard more, it was a change of pace from the way heavier. But we needed to secure food and get over to heard Machine Head

Machine Head- we sat kind of far to eat, then headed over to watch the last half of Machine Head. I was kind of disappointed in that they seem to be playing the same set (or very similar) all the times I've them, since Locust came out. Kind of Blackguard syndrome... c'mon guys mix it up a bit. Regardless, they were def one of the best sounding and heaviest of the day. At one point Rob Flynn demanded that girls get up on shoulders. Several complied, and one guy did too. That was pretty hilarious seeing him and his friend grin ear to ear while he was raised to shoulders and his shirt raised to elicit a response. Also during their set, you could see some X-games type motorcross stunts going on to the left of the stage. Kind of distracting, but kind of bad cause one could only really concentrate on watching the stunts or the band :/

Children of Bodom- we were middle of the crowdish, def too many tall people in front of me. I thought they sounded very good- I was very excited to see them. There were a couple pits I could see, one to the middle, and one to our left which was smaller. It was kind of bad to see the pits slow to a stop on the older songs ('Bodom After Midnight'), whereas I was lovin' it. I wanted to hear more, but they only had so many minutes to play. I would have swapped 'Blooddrunk' out for.. something from not that album. One of my favourite sets of the day, especially because I was left wanting more. Alexi and co sounded great to me, BTW!

And of course during COB, there is the drunk ass or otherwise non amiable fellow who decided he had a problem with one guy, and it looked like something was going to go down... and then he left. So I was thinking nothing of it when someone was like 'excuse me' trying to get thru, and I not wanting to move wondered what the hell not metal-and-not-person-feeling was touching my leg. I move out of the way and notice this guy is donkey konging a fucking trash barrel and tosses it a little in the direction of his hated party. This also quickly deflated and he left again. I don't know what is wrong with some people, but I have to say I kind of wish he had picked up the barrel over his head and thrown it (with no one actually getting hit).

Next review: Mayhem Fest Part II: main stage

Jiffy Lube Live transformed
More atmospheric pics 
My zippo art
Various fans at the signings
Thrown Into Exile
Huntress- I
Huntress, part II
Huntress, featuring Jill Janus and the dudes
Jill Janus, dat ass and Huntress
Hunress- more Action shots
 Huntress and crowd surfer
OMFG more Jill Janus an Huntress
Even more Huntress
Huntress- guitarist kickin ass
 Huntress- letting the witches in
 Huntress- at the end of letting the witches in
Attika 7 ... meh
Scorpion Child
Machine Head n Girls on shoulders
Children of Bodom- Hate Crew Jelly Roll


 Thrown Into Exile (, my notes reflect this too, as they were surprisingly  articulate with song titles)
  • The Enemy
  • Before I Go
  • Monster
  • Not Alone

  • Spell Eater
  • Destroy Your Life
  • Zenith
  • I Want To Fuck You To Death
  • Eight of Swords

Motionless in White
(I know they played Amerika as the last song- has the rest)

Job For a Cowboy (, I know we saw the last 3 songs)
  • Entombment of a Machine
  • Children of Deceit
  • Knee Deep
  • Tarnished Gluttony
  • Constitutional Masturbation

Machine Head  (we heard Davidian from our lunch spot)
  • Davidian
  • The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears
  • Imperium
  • Locust
  • Halo 

Children of Bodom
  • Sixpounder
  • Halo of Blood
  • Bodom After Midnight
  • Everytime I Die
  • Hate Me!
  • Blooddrunk
  • Hate Crew Deathroll
  • In Your Face 

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