Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Cult @ the Fillmore, Silver Spring 08/20/2013

I went with Tony to see The Cult at the Fillmore, Silver Spring. Met up with Ariel and Mrs Ariel, Tom, and def saw some hair band ppl (Vince/Hogan! T Ranny).

There were a ton of people there, probably about as many people there were the last time that we saw them (also at the Fillmore), balcony pretty full, the floor packed! We got there close to 9:15, when they were supposed to start. We set up on the side and hunkered down.

The Cult had several shirts, many with their 'Electric 13' Jaguar, an 'Electric shirt,' and a couple others ($35), some CDs too I think. I didn't find any particular one interesting. The opener may have had a shirt, but I didn't notice it.(merch)

The Cult went onto stage and sounded pretty great...initially. Different songs revealed that Ian Astbury was having a rough night. Ian, Billy Duffy, John Tempesta, and the other 2 (not sure who the bassist and rhythm guitarist were). The crowd was pretty tame, but loud applause was after every song. The always seem to bring such a wide crowd- normal people, metalheads, hair band ppl, hipsters, etc.

This was their 'Electric 13' tour, so they were to play that whole album, plus others. They did play the whole album, minus 'Born to be Wild.' They played that rare track 'Zap City' instead. It seemed to still flow, so that was fine. The rest of their set had their usual mid tempo songs and slower songs. I always want to hear more from the excellent "Beyond Good and Evil," so I've had to deal with only "Rise." Its definitely an odd set, but you always get an mix of stuff from them live it seems. I think other people would be wanting "Fire Woman," "Nico,"or "New York City," too! They DID play about 2 hours, so the pretty steep ticket price was worth it... even if Ian was spotty.

Ian seemed to be a little flighty (but not as bad as Joe Leste earlier this week), and was David Lee Rothin' for several songs. I was told that Ian completely missed a verse on 'Electric Ocean.' I recall 'Sweet Soul Sister' being particularly disappointing- instead of singing, he had an almost Rob Zombie staccato out of breath rasp for the chorus. And then Ian got it back together for "...Sanctuary," which sounded pretty spot on. It was unsettling that Ian just seemed NOT to care, and was basically phoning it in for about half the set. When he was talking on the mic, he was mumbling a bit, too. Also, he seemed more concerned about throwing or playing tambourines more than being on time/performing. He COULD have sang great on ALL songs, but he didn't. I don't get it :(

Not to mention he called the crowd 'Baltimore' at one point. He did have some comments about "Eating ass" tho...

Billy Duff sounded great- def the best performer of the night, sounded solid and was kickin' ass. No flash, just substance! I didn't realize that they were touring with John Tempesta on drums, and he was def holding it down. I didn't notice the  rhythm guitarist and bassist much,which is good/bad. They were relegated to the side of the stage, and didn't make too much fuss. I think they must have set the stage for Billy's powerful chords.

Overall, a solid show from the musical portion of the band and a decent set, but was tainted by Ian's lackluster singing.

next show: KAMELOT

Electric 13

Billy Duffy, Ian, and the boys

The Cult (9:40- 11:42)
  • Wild Flower
  • Peace Dog
  • Lil' Devil
  • Aphrodisiac Jacket
  • Electric Ocean
  • Bad Fun
  • King Contrary Man
  • Love Removal Machine
  • Zap City (played instead of Born To Be Wild)
  • Outlaw
  • Memphis Hip Shake
  • Rain
  • Honey From a Knife
  • Sweet Soul Sister
  • Lucifer
  • Embers
  • The Phoenix
  • Rise
  • For the Animals
  • She Sells Sanctuary

  • Spiritwalker
  • Sun King