Saturday, September 21, 2013

ZZ Top @ Wolf Trap 9/11/2013

Went to see ZZ Top at Wolf Trap. I thankfully got a ticket before hand, because judging by the number of people there- it must have been sold out!

By the time I got there it along with mainly full, I was looking at the entire crowd trying to figure out where an open spot. I eventually fit into a small place near the back of the lawn. Sitting down I did see okay, even if most of it was older people with coolers. I am glad that I finally got to see them because I miss them at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest looking for parking failfest. This show was pretty packed- Wolf Trap holds "7,028 total: 3,868 in-house; 3,160 lawn." There wasn't any room anywhere and I couldn't believe the number of people kept on coming in with coolers and the like.

I forgot to take a picture of the merch but they had a few t-shirts($35 I think), a bandana, the new CD ($15).

Around 8 they had some opener Tommy something that was a blues band- they were alright. I did not know any of their songs, so that kind of lead to distractions. They weren't bad I just really wanted to hear ZZ Top. I thought these guys were okay, but they didn't really hold my attention. It definitely was more expensive show and I kind of wanted I wanted to hear more headliners. I noticed that this was the date on or maybe do the end of the quote un quote "$20 best night ever" tour which apparently stopped before they got here which had Kid Rock and half the price of this show- which kind of sucks.

ZZ Top eventually came on too pretty big applause. They had a pretty bare bones say that they had two screens on either side of the drum. In the back at there were the screens which shows videos for old songs and then I guess made up for others song it added to the show. This was because they weren't moving around a lot. They were shuffling a bit, some coordinated guitar movements as well. I need to look up how old they are because  they really didn't take any breaks except for a short encore. They had some sort of shiny shirts on, brought out their fuzzy guitars (did not spin), kids on stage at one point, and something was lit up with a statement about 'California Farmers.' ;)

So back to the actual sounds of the night- Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill sounded really good but pretty scratchy. But that's kind of how they are on the albums anyway- so yeah a pretty good set. They had their big hits ("Legs", "Tush," etc.), and a couple tracks from their latest album. And an unneeded Jimi Hendrix cover (tho it did sound fine). I would have liked to hear "Beer Drinkers and HELLRAISERS", or a deep cut like "TV Dinners."  I wish their set had been longer, as they only played for a little over an hour, and this was not a cheap show. I left during the jail house rock cover. I heard it while walking to the parking lot, sounded pretty good.

So another thing about the ZZ Top show was said near the end when I think they played "Gimme all your lovin' " people started standing up and get a little crazy.... well crazy is a relative term crazy for I guess older people. This was kind of annoying because I was still sitting down trying not to block the people behind me and I really didn't feel like standing up.  I really enjoy that Wolf Trap not only has a pretty  nice sound system, but that you can also bring your own food and drinks (including alcohol). It's is pretty fantastic- but it can great insane on the lawn. I guess next time I will not feel too bad about shelling out for the house won't have to mess with sitting or finding a space on the lawn.

Getting getting out I was trapped in the parking but it wasn't nearly as bad as Fin'g Jiffy Lube Live which is probably the worst to get out of. I did notice a lot of people leaving during the encore break- which was maybe to beat traffic or maybe they never go to concerts.

A couple behind me was remarking on a different crowd at Jiffy Lube Live and Wolf Trap. That's basically at Jiffy Lube Live seems like basically rowdy people (tailgiating) and paying for drinks there and this crowd seemed way more well behaved, despite being able to bring in their own drinks. I think it really can depend on the type of acts that come, as well.

Batmobile and the crowd
Blurry ZZ Top

  • Got Me Under Pressure
  • Waitin' for the Bus
  • Jesus Just Left Chicago
  • Gimme All Your Lovin'
  • Pincushion
  • I Gotsta Get Paid
  • Flyin' High
  • Certified Blues
  • Foxy Lady  (Jimi Hendrix cover)
  • My Head's in Mississippi
  • Chartreuse
  • Sharp Dressed Man
  • Legs

  • La Grange / Sloppy Drunk / Bar-B-Q Medley
  • Tush

  • Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley cover)