Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stephen Pearcy/ King Belvedere/ Teazyr @ the House of Rock 1/19/2014

I went to see Stephen Pearcy ($18) at the House of Rock. I met up with Ariel y su mujer, Yave, and James there. I was told this would be an early show (which would be kind of nice), but it is still a hike up there to Whitemarsh for me. I rolled out after a slow day at work (ugh Sunday), to inaugurate my first 2014 concert! 

When I got there I noticed that the parking lot was pretty packed, especially for a Sunday night! Inside I think there were about 180 people at the high point. This did not mean that it was oppressively full- in fact, between bands, the floor emptied out to the bars.

The band Teazyr was on when I got there, they sounded alright- but I was unfamiliar with them. I sauntered over at watched from the back. They sounded part Faster Pussycat and part Pretty Boy Floyd and I enjoyed their energy. You could rarely tell that it sounded like their frontman was a little sick. I heard a few originals and a couple covers- the Poison one was a bit faster and sleazier, but the Guns N Roses one was a bit more faithful (good and bad, depending on what you want from a cover song!). The originals and their overall sound really evoked a hair band, but with something slightly different.

King Belvedere was on next, I think I'd seen them before. We were passively listening from the bar, because ppl were getting food. I certainly noticed that their sound was a bit more professional, and they sounded more solid as a result. However, none of their songs grabbed me like Teazyr's ones did. I thought they were fine, def not bad, but not memorable. They did have 2 solos- a completely unneeded drum solo and a guitar solo. I think it's a bit odd when some openers do solos, why not play another song unless you have a virtuoso?  Anyways, so I really can't say too much about them, I'll have to pay more attention to them next time around.

Stephen Pearcy finally came on at about 9 PM, and the crowd was pretty damn into it for nearly the entirety, as far as I could tell. Pearcy and his band sounded pretty great, tho I think near the end I think the old man was getting tired, and encouraged a lot more sing alongs. I don't know why the 54 yr old was jumpin up and down on stage- he's going to break his hip! Regardless, I had a blast at this show, even tho the set was short. It was a great way to kick off the 2014 concert season for me- fun people, a solid show, and a couple beverages.  Pearcy did nearly all Ratt songs- they threw in a very good Priest cover, but no Arcade songs :(.  There was one song I didn't know (maybe it was from the RATT EP), but other than that it was hit after hit. "Lack of Communication" was my favourite of the bunch. Pearcy  sounded about as good as he had on the time I saw him at Jaxx. If you like Ratt, I think you would have enjoyed this show.

Complaints were mainly around the short set, a pretty solid hour, but he totally could have done a few more songs. And that the House of Rock is a bit of a hike for me, that was kind of annoying. Regardless, I am glad I came out- I would have been kicking myself a lil bit over it. The crowd was loud with appreciation during choruses and in between songs, but mostly immobile. Yave and me were pretty active, banging heads and gettin' a lil rowdy, but hey, different strokes.  Pearcy had his sunglasses and beanie on, then took the sunglasses off, and then finally the beanie- proving to all haters he is NOT bald. I had my suspicions, but I was totally wrong. He looks way better without the beanie, but hey, his style, not mine. 

Overall- a VERY fun show (although short), a very long ride, and a very promising start for 2014!

Stephen Pearcy I
Stephen Pearcy II
Stephen Peacy III


Teazyr ( 6:57 (when I got there at least) -7:20)
  • Teaser
  • ?
  • Look What the Cat Dragged in (Poison cover)
  • Right Here Right Now
  • Night Train (Guns n Roses cover)
King Belvedere (7:43- 8:20)

Stephen Pearcy (8:59- 10)
  • You're in Love (Ratt song)
  • Lay It Down (Ratt song)
  • Lack of Communication (Ratt song)
  • Wanted Man (Ratt song)
  • Slip of the Lip (Ratt song)
  • Way Cool Jr. (Ratt song)
  • Sweet Cheater (Ratt song)
  • (Unknown)(I think this may have been Take a Chance?)
  • I'm Insane (Ratt song)
  • You Think You're Tough (Ratt song)
  • Heading Out to the Highway (Judas Priest cover)
  • Back for More  (Ratt song)
  • Body Talk (Ratt song)
  • Round and Round  (RATT)