Monday, March 31, 2014

Serpent Witch/ Aurelian/ Weed Warlock @Sidebar, 3/28/2014

Went to see Face Melting Friday: Doom edition up at the Sidebar ($10), which a local promoter Black Rose Metal Heart Promotions arranges a showcase for up and coming locals. I'm a selective doom fan, but I wanted to check out Aurelian, whom I had missed a couple times before.  I saw Bobbie, Nina, DanP, Steve Harris!, the Rock n Roll Experience guy, Scarlett and Alex, and  Elyse and Mike G.

Overall, there were about 40 people, that is including some band members. I think some people left and others arrived, which made the count a little difficult to get right. I think it was about as well attended as the previous Face Melting Friday (although the attendance was not as constant).

The only merch I saw were some Serpent Witch shirts (red, black, white), and maybe a sticker?

Weed Warlock was some younger guys (I think it was a trio), who I think if you are big into stoner/doom stuff, you'd dig them. I thought they had a heavy sound, but I wasn't particularly grabbed by any of their songs. Sonically they sounded... like a stoner band, nothing really sounded off technical-wise. They seemed very into the performance, which was great- love seeing dedication and passion!  ...But it wasn't my cup of tea. I also thought their name was a bit ham-fisted. C'mon guys, it's like Cannibus Corpse or Bongzilla or something like that. But I like power metal bands with 'dragon' in their name, so I don't think I can complain too much.

Aurelian  nondescriptly took the stage with some nice slow instrumental guitar part that eased into the heavy riffs.  The vocalist joined the rest of the band shortly thereafter. They had  some way faster parts than Weed Warlock. The vocals were a bit low, the rumble of the bass overpowered it.  But isn't that part of the doomy experience? The vocalist was def getting into it, and there was no doubt of his conviction, something was just not mixed right, cause I was standing about 10 feet away, and everything was a bit muffled (vocal wise).  They had some progressive tinged songs as well as some standout solos, which were more up my alley than straight ahead slow plodding doom.  All of them seemed rather long- pretty decently technical. I think they played a new song as well.

Serpent Witch had a more southern rock vibe to their stoner/doom metal. they were certainly the most energetic and fastest playing (esp for doom) of the night. I think that made me enjoy their set a bit. They sounded a bit better than last time- which was good! It was odd, cause I think they played a similar set, but there was more energy, maybe because they were the most happy of the doom metallers at this night. So strange. The frontwoman Miss Starr had some particularly small jeans that I could not understand how they stayed on her while she was jumping and jiving all thru the set. I missed their first song or 2 for some reason, but the ones that I did hear were rather lively.  They still have the old as sin drummer who will put anyone's doubt as to his abilities to rest once they hear him effortlessly hit the skins. Second time seeing them and I was still amazed at his skill.  Again, the frontwoman's energy seemed to be overflowing for a stoner/doomy band- IMO an odd pairing.

We left after "Warrior I Am," was feeling sleepy. I think Faith in Jane was on last (Hadn't heard of them before), but I didn't hear them so I can't say anything about them.

Overall: nice to finally see Aurelian, Serpent Witch was def the best of the night, and a fun local showcase. Even tho Doom is really not my usual cake choice.

Next show: DAY OF THE BEAST annnnnnd then TesseracT?


Serpent Witch


Weed Warlock ( ?8:50- 9:34)
  • ?
  • War on God
  • Stoned to Death
  • Bad Words
  • ?
Aurelian (9:53-10:29)
  • Exsanguination
  • The Sadist Hour part 1:Her Silent Mourning / Delinquency
  • Ephemeral
  • The Stone Still Falls

Serpent Witch (?11:08- 11:30 (we left))
  • ?
  • The World is Mine
  • Running In My Mind
  • Land of the Lost (new)
  • Serpent Witch
  • Warrior I Am
update 3/31/2014 - updated Aurelian setlist