Saturday, April 5, 2014

Anvil/ Abigail Williams/ Martyrd @Empire 4/2/4014

I went w/ John last night to see Anvil at Empire ($18). There were a number of friends there- Cascade, Bobbie, Brian B, Ariel y su Mujer, James y su mujer, Gori y Omar, Allie, Nathan w/ a Jay, and Chris Crazy-Wolf.  This is the 2nd time at Empire this week, and a third to be coming..

There were about 50-60 (including openers) there at the high point. Way better than the 14 people the last time we saw them!  A way better turnout, but not great.  Originally this was Abigail Williams headlining, and then Anvil (of all ppl), was added as the headliner. Odd combination.  On the day before or of the show, some local openers were added as well.

Merch wise- Anvil had a bunch of shirts and CDs ($10, except $5 for 13). I didn't like their 13 album, otherwise I would have grabbed that. $5 ain't bad.  They also had some posters and the like (see photos).  Martyrd had CDs and shirts and something else (I perhaps should have taken a picture).  Abigail Williams had backback, patches, Vinyl, some interesting shirts ($15) (why didn't I take a pic II), some side project CDs too. merch

As I stepped in, I noticed some band that sounded kind of punky, kind of thrashy, but altogether kind of a mess. I think it was Shadow Moses, but they stopped a few moments after. I can't really comment. I saw D-Rock, so I think his band played before. It would have been nice to see him play his heart out again. That guy had got drive.

Martyrd came on shortly. I didn't hear much the last time I saw them, so I was giving them another shot. They were again, like Death Angel but without the exciting part. They weren't bad by any means, but I just wasn't finding them exciting. They had some good guitar solos/leads, but other than that it sounded liek a generic Death Angel. So if you're into thrash- they'd be up your alley.

Abigail Williams- oh Abigail don't you know what you've done oooh oOOooOh!  I know my buddy was pumped to see them, and last time I saw them they were much better than anticipated. But this time, I'm not sure what exactly what it was, but I was underwhelmed.  I kind of liked their sound, but there was something I hated- lack of corpsepaint? unable to identify songs?  And it was a bit of insanely loud - probably based on the not large number of people to absorb the sound.  They kind of nondescriptly went into each song,only really mentioning that the 2 indicated songs were 'new,' no titles or anything.  I distinctly recall them being enjoyable last time, but not so much this time. I don't understand. I mean they sounded VERY LOUD, and if you closed your mind it would be some sort of atmospheric black metal. I think I just wanted to hear something less dark and grim, something more happy.

The mighty Canadian power trio (well.. third best I guess, after Rush and Triumph) Anvil took the stage around 10:30 and the crowd came alive- like my one friend said, they sounded like fast thrash compared to Abigail Williams!  The energy was bursting at the seams, and Lips and Rob (and their bassist) were AMPED to be there, just like last time (tho they have a different bassist).  I swear Lips had some goofy smile on his face the WHOLE time. His stage banter was 100% authentic and that made it very comfortable and enjoyable. Like he's just some normal guy, who loves to come out and play on stage for people- be it 14 or 100s. He was genuinely happy to be there any perform- so positive!

Setlist wise, the last time we saw them, in 2011, they had a LOT of the same songs. 4 Different songs, 1 less song (no encore). HELL, even in the same order. 3 years ago! C'mon guys... I think someone mentioned that they have a whopping 15 albums (!!) but only played from like 4 of them. Jeez. So that could have had some more care put into it.

Performance wise, Lips was playing his heart out, Rob was admittedly a beast on drums (his solo was ok), and the bassist was fine. I think they sounded better than last time. This was also an intimate show.  Lips had a few things to say about Black Sabbath picking 13 as an album title too (tho several other bands lazily picked it as well...), breakfast with Ronnie James Dio, and his bald spot.  And yes, he pulled out the dildo on "Mothra" to molest the guitar with.  If you've seen Anvil, you know their deal. Not a bad thing.

Overall, an energetic time with some straight ahead metal of Anvil was the highlight of this evening. Serviceable performance from Martyrd, and Abigail Williams... I just wasn't  feelin' them. Still, a fun night out!

Next Show: Combichrist at EMPIRE AGAIN THIS WEEK

Abigail Williams
ANvil II
Anvil last
Me and Lips


Martyrd (8:24- 9:00)
  • ?
  • Pain of Reason
  • Sinner
  • The Mortal Coil: Succumb
  • Faceless
  • Never Wake

Abigail Williams (9:25- 9:54)
  • ?
  • ? (new)
  • ? (new)
  • ? (violin intro)

Anvil (10:28 -11:45)
  • March of The Crabs
  • 666
  • School Love
  • Bad Ass Rock and Roll
  • Winged Assassins
  • On Fire
  • This is Thirteen
  • Mothra
  • Thumb Hang
  • Swing Thing (drum solo wtf)
  • Hope In Hell
  • ?  Eat Your Words
  • Metal on Metal