Friday, April 4, 2014

Texas Hippie Coalition @ Empire 4/1/2014

Went to see Texas Hippie Coalition (THC, very funny guys) ($13 or free with a Sam Adams bought at Metal Church). I didn't see anyone I knew there, somehow.  I think a friend or 2 couldn't make it (despite boletos gratis)

There were about  50-60 people there overall (including opener bands).  The crowd was very octane/mainstream metal/ Hard rock. And very white. There were 2.5 brown(ish) people there. I think that was kind of expected, but def a lil different crowd from the Sabaton or Deicide set, for example.  Regardless it was not bad for a Tuesday night crowd!  They play Baltimore on 4/3/2014 (2 days later)- I just saw a photo on their bookface and it looked like a little more people there! Not bad, especially for 2 dates so close to each other.

Merch: THC had a TON of merch. beer coozy ($5), flag ($40), several shirts (tho most only left in S, 4X, 5X wtf) ($25), 2 CDs ($10), posters ($5), 2 bottle openers ($5-10), Sticker ($3).  I really like it when there is a wide variety of merch. And hell, great for them that they underestimated demand.. and that is 3 days in to the tour O_O;  I think Anti-Mortem had a table set up too, but I didn't really look at it.  I got there after they had played.

Texas Hippie Coalition went on around 9PM, as expected, and the crowd was very receptive. THC plays a 'red dirt metal,' basically a straight ahead Octane metal/hard rock that combines metal with what feels like a little bit of country and def Southern Rock. Basically they are the band that Hellyeah wishes they were (Good lord is Hellyeah a let down). These guys also remind me of a poor man's Rebel Meets Rebel.  They are by no means the most technical (tho their young guitar player Cord Pool was pretty damn good) or complex or 'deep' musically or lyrically. With those caveats in mind, if you wanted a solid rock/lite metal experience, these guys would bring it.

They were pretty loud (again, like the Aborted show where there were not a LOT of people to absorb the sound), but rather clear for 90% of the show. There were a couple songs that were a little fuzzy vocalwise, but other than that- one of the better shows I've heard at Empire.  The crowd was very amped to see them and were hootin' an hollering along with most songs, throwing the horns, and  a little headbanging too.  They were also appreciate between the songs applause wise.  In between the prodigious frontman Richard "Big Dad Ritch" Anderson was very talkative, but somehow not in a bad way. His laid back demeanor made him trustworthy and had the air of "let's have a good time, y'all" which was disarming. And his appearance of a cross between Sons of Anarchy/Biker, cowboy, bear, and metal seemed very familiar. Hell these guys are pretty much like heavy metal cowboys!

Their set seemed to have several new songs (from their forthcoming album Ride On) and many from their latest album (Peacemaker). I think they only had one from their Rollin' album (their most popular..."Pissed off...").  Most of the songs were well received, especially the 'singles' ("Turn it Up," "Pissed Off..."). I can def see these guys getting bigger in the Octance world with their upcoming Mayhem tour dates.

Big Dad Ritch seemed a bit older than the rest of the band mates, and I wonder if he has any health issues, based on his size... whatever the case, he's got some pipes and was a great vocalist and frontman.  Even when he popped open his shirt while hoisting the mic stage (in the shape a double barreled shotgun !).  his somewhat drawl sounded like Tommy Lee Jones at times, a country star at others, and a hard rock frontman at others!

Overall: a fun time, some straight ahead octane rock/metal- I'd recommend them if you would like a simplier, just fun time and are not too hung up on true or kvlt metal or whatever.

Next Show: Anvil w/ Abigail Williams

Texas Hippie Coalition
THC Finishing up
shotgun mic stand!

They took a pic at the end of the show. see if you can see me :3


Texas Hippie Coalition (8:59 - 10:10)

  • Hands Up
  • 8 Seconds
  • Red Devil
  • ? Who's Drinking with me?
  • Outlaw
  • ?One more? (you got your number ones)
  • Turn it Up
  • Splinter (new?)
  • Don't Come Lookin'
  • Sex, Drugs, & Rock n Roll
  • Ride On (new)
  • Pissed Off and Mad About it