Sunday, August 31, 2014

Appetite For Destruction/ Red White & Crue/ Poison'd @ The FIllmore, Silver Spring 8/28/2014

Juliya and I went to see The Kings of Hollywood tour (Red White and Crue, Poison'd, Appetite for Destruction) at the Fillmore, Silver Spring ($0).  Saw Miss Lindsey and Blake there, and not sure if anyone else I knew was there.  I had seen this last year (also free), and figured what a start to the Labor day weekend, with a free show after some delicious tapas.

"Bret" was pretty close to the real thing, complete w/ stuffed trousers

We got there a little after Poison'd started, and as we walked in it sounded way louder than expected. After being to a number of way heavier shows at the Fillmore before, this was a bit odd to me.  There was no merch set up (it does seem odd why a cover band would sell merch...), so the front was pretty bare. There were definitely a couple hundred people inside, but I'm not sure how many paid for their  tickets ($16 if you didn't RSVP on the Fillmore's listserv for a free pair).  I believe the description "half white trash, half hispanic" was pretty accurate.

Every Rose has it's cover band

Poison'd was on first, and we saw most of their set.  They again were pretty much a very good version of Poison, and the singer was doing his best Bret Michaels.  If you were a little lit and maybe a little further back, you'd def think they were the real deal, albeit on a smaller stage with no stage show.  A couple guitar parts were a little messy, but overall they were decent.  The set was a little different from from last time (but it still included a cover band doing a cover of a cover - "Your Momma..."), but pretty much mostly the same. They did, however, throw in a KISS cover at the end that got the biggest reaction of any of their songs (a cover band doing a cover of another song). They screwed up Silver Spring as Silver SpringS.


The Motley Crue version of the band (Red, White, and Crue) was up next. I think the Crue songs were way better than Poison songs, so I enjoyed them a bit more.  Their playing this was still a bit off, like last time. But I think I have heard most of these songs so many times that I could hear them in my mind so I used the live energy and those memories to have a good time. The guitar tone on "Wild Side" sounded particularly off, unfortunately.  They did all the hits and then the question mark inducing for most of the crowd deep cut "All in the Name of...," which I thought was cool.  It could have sounded better, but I always like hearing an oddity that you'd probably not hear the 'real' band ever.  Having seen Motley Crue last week, I think this Vince's singing was better, tho eerily like real Vince- slurring and missing about 15% of the words.   They said Silver Spring MOST of the time.

Got Most of the Looks that Kill

After "Home Sweet Home," we decided to roll out, so I'm not sure if they played anything else afterwards. I dunno how the GNR version did this time, as they were on afterwards. The crowd seemed pretty constant, and the Fillmore must have promoted this one a bit more than last time- but I dunno if it sold more tickets. They've had a lot of tribute bands (Led Zep, the Doors, Phish, this...) recently, and I dunno if they are testing the waters and seeing what makes the bigger paycheck or what.  I do think its a shame that this show will probably have a bigger attendance than my next show- Arsis on Labor Day. I know some people will remark about cover bands being unacceptable, but some of them are I did like that it was free, some hair band music decently played (for the most part), and a pretty positive vibe.  Overall, I would rate it a bit underwhelming, bu not horrible. I wouldn't pay for it, but for free? Not a horrible time.

Next Show: Arsis

Poison'd (8:30ish- 9:16)

  • ? (I think this was Something to Believe in, but I can't recall)
  • I Want Action
  • Unskinny Bop
  • Fallen Angel
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn
  • Your Momma Don't Dance (Kenny Loggins etc. cover)
  • Talk Dirty to Me
  • Nothing But a Good Time
  • Rock and Roll all Night (KISS cover)
Red White and Crue (9:45- (left at 10:20) )

  • Kickstart my Heart
  • All in the Name of...
  • Looks That Kill
  • Smokin' in the Boys Room (Brownsville Station cover)
  • Dr. Feelgood
  • Wild Side
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Girls, Girls, Girls