Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nothing More / Sleepwave / Guns Out at Sundown / Fatally Yours @ Ottobar 8/18/2014

I went to see Nothing More ($8) at the Ottobar (part of 98 Rock's Noise in the Basement). I met up with Josh and Erin, Kris, and Rock and Roll Experience guy.  Also met John T and Stephanie there.  This was going to be a long night, as I noticed the line to get in snaking out into the parking lot from the side door.

The capacity at Ottobar is  220, and it was pretty close to 200 I'd say.  One friend said the turnout  (about 4x!!!) was way better than normal Night in the Basement.  A pretty massive success, I'd say. I think that with the Five Finger Death Punch tour that is upcoming that this is probably the last time you'll  see Nothing More at an intimate venue like this- they are on the verge of blowing up.

French Maid plus

There was a bit of merch- Nothing More: CDs, $25 shirts, $15 beanie. I know Guns Out At Sundown had their new CD there too ($5), but I didn't really peruse the rest of the merchandise.  Their 98 cent Natty Bohs before 9 caused quite a ruckus at the bar.  There also was a girl in a french maid outfit for lord knows what reason. There were a lot of black X's this evening as well.

Fatally Yoursish

Fatally Yours was the first local- I'd not seen them before.  They sounded alright, their singer had a good voice. None of their hard rock songs stood out to me, unfortunately. The singer also did the Zakk Wylde thing after strumming a lot (strums, then dramatically raises his arm).  Not really much else to say, not bad, but not memorable.

Guns Out At Sundown To Draw and Shoot People I guess Its Baltimore Whatever

The way too wordy Guns Out At Sundown had more than a few fans, as exhibited by the several fans with t shirts emblazoned with their logo.  It was also their CD release party for their latest album.  As the first song started, we were treated to a most pit out of nowhere. These metalcore locals were certainly bringing the energy (and breakdowns)!  They were certainly over with the crowd, as there was a lot of movement on the floor, and it felt like there was a SHOW now.  I thought they were fun, but again, nothing really stood out to me songwise. Around this time, the floor was getting pretty full, and I was wondering how we'd move around!  At one point I also got hit in the face (glasses) with a broken drumstick. I retrieved it and then later chatted with RNRE guy about my legal options.


Sleepwave was up next, and they were a bit bland, too. I really don't recall anything specific about their sound other than Octane hard rock. Maybe similar to Devour the Day or even a little like Nothing More, I guess. Near the end, the singer Spencer Chamberlain mentioned he used to be in Christian band Underoath (I don't think I liked any of their songs).  The crowd was into them, but I thought GOAS was more 'fun' live.

One step away from Shirtless fighting

Nothing More exploded onto the stage w/ "Christ Copyright" and were playing to a pretty crowded house. Their singer apparently doesn't own a shirt, much to the delight of the female (and some dudes too, I guess) fans.  There were no pits that I saw, but the energy was still there, as the crowd was the loudest for them (tho GOAS was definitely a fan favourite!).  They sounded really good, which was surprising because of the hit and miss sound at the Ottobar.  They played mostly from their new S/T album for almost an hour.  They did their similar bass solo (tho not as long as last time) as they did at Killswitch Engage, with a couple guys playing the bass at once. They also had the entire band drumming at the send for "Salem."  And you know how I feel about drum solos....

I think they had a pretty good set, I haven't heard the first album apart from "Salem," but maybe I will need to seek it out.  Nothing More's energy was pretty amazing, and they and the crowd were symbiotic this evening. That's not to say everything was sweet, because hey why throw in a bass/drum solo and why not play another song if you are a new band trying to prove yourselves?  IMO a poor decision, but they seem to still be over with that nonsense still. Hey, you GO girl.  Regardless, everything was look to be on the up and up for these lads.  After the show, they definitely came out, but I decided to roll out as it was late (AND A MONDAY). I know some friends def got photos w/ the band, but I was ok with trying to get sleep.  This Hard Rock/slightly metal band is definitely on the upswing and was a delight to see.  I was beginning to get swayed at the Killswitch show, but this really did it.  They all sounded pretty great, and they seemed very grateful with the reaction!

Overall, a fun (and cheap!) time. A lot of hard rock fans were out enjoying music on a goddamn school night!  I wish it had ended a little earlier but still I enjoyed seeing friends and chilling with good music.

Fatally Yours (8:32- 8:54)
  • intro
  • ?true love
  • ?this is old
  • ? what you wanted?
  • ?every moment
  • exit sign

Guns Out at Sundown (9:17 - 9:41)
  • ?Inside my mind
  • ? stand the f down
  • ? just go  wasted time terrible inside
  • (hit in face w/ drumstick)
  • ? drown your sorrows w me
  • ?
  • ?

Sleepwave (10:08 -)
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?paper?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Nothing More (11:13 -12:08)
  • Christ Copyright
  • Mr. MTV
  • The Matthew Effect
  • Sixty Second Affair
  • Bass Solo
  • This Is The Time (Ballast)
  • First Punch
  • If I Were
  • Friendly Fire
  • I'll Be OK
  • Salem
  • Jenny
  • Sex and Lies