Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Onslaught/ Artillery / VX-36 @ Empire 11/3/2014

I went to see Onslaught with Artillery ($18) at Empire for Monday Night Thrash. Striker had dropped off, and there was not much info on other openers. I saw a number of people there- Ariel, Nathan with a J, Greekgirl, Gori, Neil and Michelle, Brian B, Krysia, Ruby, Kyler, MattRice, and Thane and Ronnie. For a Monday night, a number of people I knew, but definitely not a great turnout.

ONSLAUGHTs, featurings Neil Turbins

There were not a lot of people out there as this was on school night. there were about 70 people maybe at the high point, during Artillery, and about 50 during Onslaught. That kind of sucked for this show, but that's how it goes sometimes. Exodus will be on the 24th, which is also a Monday and that will get more attendance, because it's EXODUS.


So much merch

As for Merchandise, Onslaught had some shirts ($20), Neil had a Deathriders shirt, Artillery had shirts ($20), a couple CDs ($15), and some vinyl. VX-36 also had shirts and CDs. There was also some older gentleman who had a couple large cases of CDs. I know I saw him at the House of Rock during the Ill fated Rock Harvest II. CDs -$5 a pop, many obscure titles, some pretty great finds.


When I got there, VX-36 from North Carolina was on, and I thought finishing up, but they played for  about 20 more minutes. They were a three piece and sounded like thrashy with some harsh vocals. I thought their first song that I heard was alright, but then the rest didn't really grab me. There were a couple guys who seemed really into every song, and every band (as we saw later), and interspersed slam dancing, headbanging, and overly rowdy. Anyways, at many times they were more entertaining than the band unfortunately. The drums sounded the best, IMO, nice and loud (perhaps a side product of the not many people there).


Artillery from Denmark were on next and the crowd seemed pretty into them. I hadn't heard much from them, so I wasn't sure what to expect besides thrash. Their younger looking singer of the 5 piece had some pretty great high vocals that soared over the thrash. I recall in the first three songs there was some pretty clear guitar leads that were rather good. Not knowing any Artillery songs, I am not sure what to say about the setlist content, other than the songs I heard sounded good. They did have some sound issues, probably due to there not being many people- the drums/bass were a bit too loud and drowned out the vocals and guitar a lot at times. Other than that, I rather enjoyed their set. Some pits eventually got started (well very small ones), and fans went ape for the old songs- which were a bit faster and thrashier.

Onslaught from the UK was headlining this evening, with Neil Turbin (ex- Anthrax, Deathriders) on vocals as their normal vocalist Sy Keeler was having some personal things to attend to. The crowd thinned out  a little bit, noticeably so after Artillery. Neil, as he seemingly had to learn a lot of songs rather quickly, had an iPad that was foot operated as his teleprompter, which unfortunately lent a little 'karaoke' feel to the performance. Make  no mistake, because Neil was a pretty solid singer, with some high notes piercing the ...onslaught... of riffs that were brought by the band. He did miss a couple lyrics/timings, but he had a lot to learn- I dunno if I'd be able to do it.

Neil Turbin singing, note the iPad
Setlist wise, I looked a little into their discography, and it looks like they picked a couple from most of their albums, so a pretty good representation of material. I thought their "66 Fucking 6" was a bit too 'really?' on the lyrics even for me  (and I love Battle Beast). I thought "Fight with the Beast" sounded a bit Testament like, and the last couple of songs were very fast thrash- old school fans were eating it up! "Children of the Sand" sounded particularly amazing- something about the riff was rather memorable. Again, the only issue was that the sound was a bit too loud- tho Neil's range was a bit more suited to the mix of the sound guy this time.

Overall, a pretty good show- decent set list times for each band (pretty much a co-headlining tour). I think I enjoyed Artillery more than Onslaught, actually. I wasn't overly into it, not knowing any of the songs, but still it was rather enjoyable.

Next show: Manilla Road? EXODUS!

VX-36 (?8:20-8:45)
  • Blood War
  • ?
  • Looking Through the Eyes of a Dead Man
  • The Storm
  • ?

Artillery (9:05-9:54)

  • Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh) 
  • When Death Comes 
  • (Unknown)
  • Legions 
  • By Inheritance 
  • The Challenge 
  • The Eternal War 
  • Khomaniac 
  • Terror Squad 
  • The Almighty 

Onslaught (10:10- 11:13)
  • Killing Peace 
  • Chaos Is King 
  • The Sound of Violence 
  • Let There Be Death 
  • Children of the Sand 
  • Rest in Pieces 
  • Destroyer of Worlds 
  • 66 Fucking 6 
  • Fight With the Beast 
  • Metal Forces 
  • Power From Hell 
  • Thermonuclear Devastation