Friday, May 29, 2015

Amaranthe / I Prevail/ Santa Cruz @ The Trocadero 5/16/2015

I went up to Philly to see Amaranthe at the Trocadero ($28) because of their tour manager's horrible decision to play in Baltimore on the same day as Nightwish in Silver Spring. I heard that Baltimore had a decent turnout, actually- which was odd to me since I figured much of the audience for Amaranthe and Nightwish were crossovers. I did see William, Lyndsey and her friend, Xtina, Audrey, and Kerenda there. I think Mike was there but I didn't see him.

Amaranthe! Drummer is in the back, and MacBookPro to the side

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Saxon @ Rams Head Live 5/15/2015

Went to see aging New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) rockers Saxon at Rams Head Live, and saw Ariel y Ilen, Gori y Omar, Neil n Michelle (and brood!), dude. Ariel's friend, Miss sketchyLindsey, Lyndsey, Blake, Dorothy, Chris Crazy-Wolf, Jay, Ray, and Maery and her husband, and of course Rock n Roll Experience! There was an opener (Cinder Road), but I got there after they were done.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nightwish / Sabaton @ Fillmore Silver Spring 5/14/2015

I went to see Nightwish's last stop on their Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour ($35) at the Fillmore, Silver Spring. This was the last stop on the tour. I saw Keddy, Martin and Vicki, Lauri and Danica, Bridget, mari, Dorothy, Paul and Christine, Patricia, ETHAN, Russell, Tom, Scott, Marie and Rolland, and Dylan and Deidre! I know Lacy, Chris Crazy-Wolf, Spencer, and Ray were there but I didn't see them. I was so pumped when this show was first announced, an then extra amped when Sabaton was added! I'd been waiting for this excellent lineup for months!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Empire Farewell - Next to None, A Sound of Thunder, Yesterday's Saints, Iris Divine @ Empire 5/3/2015

I went to see the final Empire show ($15), with progressive metal/rock band Haken (rhymes with Bacon apparently) headlining. A number of local bands were added in addition to Iris Divine (who was the only original billed local). I saw so many people there- Neil and Michelle (and their brood!), Ariel, Ruby, Annie and Amy, Alie and Nathan (w/ a J), Mr and Mrs. Nina, Jesse, Chris H, Josh, Navid, Witt, Matt Rice, Heathen, Nick n JennG (!!), Mike AG, Tom, Superfan Dave, Patricia, Scott, Martin, Sako and Greg, Daniel G and Nick, Avi, Sean, Catherine L, Dorothy, Lacy, and of course- Metal Chris. WHEW. I bet there is someone I missed.

Mike Portnoy

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

M3 Rock Festival Day 2 @ Merriweather Post Pavilion 5/2/2015

Tony and I went to the M3 Rock Festival Day 2 ($61 for 2 day lawn ticket).  We saw Ariel and Ilem, Ron, Dwayne, Dorothy, Ruby and Julia, Rikki, Tom, Gori and Omar, Michelle and Neil, Henry, jen and Bridget, Rachel, Lisa, and maybe more! In its 7th year, the M3 (Merriweather May Metal) Rock Festival still is going strong (although with an oddly chosen headliner- more popular overseas than here). It was a long day, about 10 hours of being in the sun, drinking, listening to music, walking, singing along, and hanging with friends!

Monday, May 18, 2015

M3 Rock Festival Day 1 @ Merriweather Post Pavilion 5/1/2015

I went to see M3 Rock Festival, 2015 (2 Day lawn ticket $61) with my buddy Tony. We saw Tony Sr., Ariel and Ilem, and maybe someone else on the first day- Friday. This would be another Kix-off party- which some people love, and other hate and go home early. To each his own.

M3 Rock Festival Lineup 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sixx A.M. / Apocalyptica @The Fillmore, Silver Spring 4/29/2015

I went to see Sixx A.M. and Apocalyptica at the Fillmore ($28). I was wondering how this would be as this would be my first time seeing both bands. Not to mention that this was Sixx A.M.'s first headline tour. Also interesting to note is that this was the last day of that first headline tour. I saw Ariel and Ilem there, but I know Kris, Jen (thank you!), and a couple others were there (in the sea of people)

Sixx AM was popular