Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sepultura / Destruction / Arsis @Ottobar 6/1/2015

I went to see Sepultura ($20) at the Ottobar for their 30th anniversary tour. I Saw Ariel, Gori, Renae and her dude, Jorge, newErin, Nathan and Alie, Marie and Rolland, and John H there. I wasn't sure what the turnout would be as Sepultura is a different band from when the Cavalera brothers were part of the band. I had never seen them before in any form and was also keen on seeing Starkill, Arsis, and Destruction!

Sepultura, with Attitude

There were a couple hundred people there on a damn rainy night. It took a bit longer to get there due to the weather, so I ended up missing some locals like Never the Sun and touring melodic death metal Starkill. Maybe next time? There were approximately 200+ people there.

Only Starkill I got was lookin at merch

Try to Refuse or Resist buying this merch

The Sadistic Intentions of Merch
Just some Arsis merch
Return of the Merch Butcher

There was a lot of merch, tons of shirts, some CDs. I think Sepultura had the best selection, mostly of their album covers. There was a work shirt or something that had a bunch of smaller pictures of album covers (30 years!) and that was also pretty sweet. I didn't get anything

Could barely see James Malone's face of innocence, he was mostly in the dark

Arsis shredding a bit to the Sadistic motives behind bereavement letters or something of that ilk that has way too long of a song title to be really memorable but may be memorable enough because it is so ridiculously long 

Arsis was on first and started playing a few minutes after I arrived. They started off kind of rough due to the not great sound system, but gradually got better and about half way to the end of their set it sounded more and more like Arsis, and you could hear more and more of the technical intricacies that are all over Arsis's songs. There was an abrupt two-man pit on "Wholly..." There was a larger pit on "Face of....," and those last couple songs certainly sounded the best of their set. Coincidence?

As you can see, they only missed maybe one colour from the rainbow

German thrash monsters Destruction were on next, and had a ridiculous multicolour light show. It was really difficult to take pictures of anything that wasn't their silhouettes on colored lights. They were way louder and more clear than Arsis, and promptly blew out a fuse or something on the end of their second song. This kind of brought things to a halt, as it was mostly silent except for frontman/bassist Schmier sounding very annoyed at the busted fuse and was shouting for a roadie to fix it. Thankfully it was only a long three minutes before they fixed it and rocketed right into the next song! I recognized most of the songs, including the two mad butcher songs. "Carnivore" was on the set list, but I don't recall hearing it. They def got the crowd moving way more than Arsis with their simpler but more easy to mosh to songs. The pit seemed to be getting a bit more violent, we noticed. I think Destruction was shining better than Arsis this evening.

Portraying getting Nailed to the Cross

My favourite part was when Schmier and guitarist Mike Sifringer broke out some Rock Moves for "Bestial Invasion!" What is this? M3 or a Judas Priest show? Whatever the inspiration I loved it. This power trio had so much power behind them you'd swear there were more people/instruments on stage.

Something about the Vatican

Brazilian death metallers Sepultua were headling tonight and came on after 11. I can't recall quite when they started, but It was definitely late! I was initially going to stay only until midnight, but ended up staying for their whole set (almost 2 hours I believe!). They sounded very muddy to begin with, but that was corrected a bit after a song. The drums were pretty ear splitting, I don't know how anyone managed without earplugs.

The Dialog between the band and the fans

It was a pretty loud affair, and the aggressive music got the crowd moving even more, but perhaps a bit too much. Some people were getting a bit too violent in the pit, and I believe there were two separate altercations where someone was grappled, and the security or some concerned crowdgoer had to separate them. One particular interaction even so heated that the shouting prompted the band to stop playing. Frontman Derrick Green announced that they would not play if there was fighting. And he even want to joke that they would play reggae instead. Thankfully the two parties calmed down a bit, and the music continued.

Guitarist Andreas Kisser and bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto, Jr were the only originals left (Paulo actually the longest/oldest member of Sepultura). The Cavalera brothers are long gone, and many will say it's not the same band. It isn't, but bands and musical ideas are always growing or changing and people have to let their creative juices flow. Eloy Casagrande was on drums and he was very talented- so powerful! Mr. Green was also doing some percussion as well.

The mosh pit was a mess, you had moshers, bystanders, karate in the pit, that stupid windmilling. I can't stand that crap. I don't know how more people didn't fall down from the wet floors (rain and beer), or from the moshing even! I did think the sound system was a bit better since I was there last (way back in 2014 for Nothing More), but the stage was still blocked (a structural issue) by the one pillar, and the neighborhood/ venue is pretty filthy. Still, I came out and supported/saw some bands.

Setlistwise, I really liked the older stuff (the Schizophrenia track, Roots... tracks), thought the newer songs were OK (heard them maybe once before), but nothing really special. They played a new song ("Under My Skin" I think) after "From the Past..." and said something about a vinyl release or something. I think if they had more old school songs there would have been more people crushed in the pit. But hey, an interesting mix from all over their discography.

Overall: I still dislike going to the Ottobar, but if that's the only option...  I think it was nice to see Arsis and Destruction again, and interesting to experience a version of Sepultura. I am not sure I'd go see them again, but certainly worth it for at least one time!

Someone got a Destruction setlist but I am not sure if they actually played "Carnivore"

Next show: MAGO DE OZ

Arsis(9:07- 9:37)

  • Handbook for the Recently Deceased
  • We Are the Nightmare
  • The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters
  • The Promise of Never
  • Seven Whispers Fell Silent
  • Wholly Night
  • Face of My Innocence
Destruction (10:00-10:45)
  • Curse the Gods 
  • Thrash Till Death (fuse busted at 10:11-10:14)
  • Nailed to the Cross 
  • Mad Butcher 
  • Armageddonizer 
  • Eternal Ban 
  • Carnivore (on setlist)
  • Invincible Force 
  • The Butcher Strikes Back 
  • Bestial Invasion 
  • The Damned (Plasmatics cover)
Sepultura (11something-12:54)

  • The Vatican 
  • Kairos 
  • Propaganda (fight around here after this song) 
  • Breed Apart 
  • Manipulation of Tragedy 
  • Mind War 
  • Convicted in Life 
  • Attitude 
  • Dialog 
  • Under My Skin 
  • From the Past Comes the Storms 
  • Territory 
  • Primitive Future
  • Arise 
  • Refuse/Resist 
  • -
  • Bestial Devastation 
  • Ratamahatta 
  • Roots Bloody Roots 
updated- Sepultura set via