Thursday, September 10, 2015

Whitesnake @ Trump Taj Mahal 7/25/2015

I went to see Whitesnake ($18 +) in godforsaken Atlantic City, NJ. I will say that this is probably the first and last Atlantic City trip (unless it's someone REALLY amazing). It was a different experience to say the least. I'd never seen David Coverdale and his crew live before, so I was pretty excited.

Mr. Snake and his band 4.3

The capacity of the Trump Taj Mahal is about 5,000- most of it was pretty full (certainly the floor) for David Coverdale and Whitesnake. There were many empty seats up in the nosebleeds where we were, but it was overall a moneymaker for sure. And that's not including any of the beer or merch sales.

Ain't No amazing Merch in the heart of Atlantic City

In the Merch of the Night

There was a decent size merch area, with a number of shirts, and some CDs, and even some 'recycled' merchandise from previous tours. I almost got a shirt, which were more reasonably priced than I expected.
You guys are fooling no one

This tour was supporting Whitesnake's Deep Purple tribute LP- The Purple Album, and featured a number of the tracks off of that, interspersed with some classics. Five of the 13 songs played were Deep Purple classics, a healthy portion. However due to the meandering nature of some of the Purple classics and the solos, the cadence of the show was broken up a bit, and I know some fans had their attention wander. I enjoyed hearing the mix of songs, and think the breaks were good (or needed) for David's voice. He's not getting any younger, but his strategic use of high notes worked well.

Around the end of the set (before "Is This Love?"), bassist Michael Devin called his girlfriend Drea De Matteo to the stage (with her kids from Shooter Jennings) and asked her to marry him. However this proposal was odd because we saw no one getting down on one knee, no ring, nothing! She did say yes to a decent ovation, and then the band went into their massive power ballad.

David trying to slide it in. or up. whatever.

Not having seen Whitesnake live before, I certainly enjoyed the show. I got to hear some redone Deep Purple gems (Reb and Joel are no Blackmore, but they did well enough), and the classics. They started out things with a bang with "Burn," and I was lovin' it. I was especially excited to hear the lyrically weak but musically sound "Slide It In"  and the rowdy "Bad Boys." And of course the biggest hits sounding amazing live. "Still of the Night" was probably my favourite of the night.

Standing in the Shadow Spotlight of Love

Both guitarists Joel Hoekstra and Reb Beach (ex-Winger) both had decent solos. Mr. Hoekstra had a bit more emphasis on his rock moves and was even reminiscent of John Sykes with his look. Reb was a bit more reserved, but still rockin' out. I believe most of the band did backing vocals as well. Tommy Aldridge still looks as old as sin, and had a somehow tolerable drum solo, which ended with Tommy discarding his drumsticks and using his hands (a la Animal from the Muppets) to pound the drums. Keyboardist Michele Luppi even got a little interlude with the Deep Purple songs.

Something exploding in the distance

Is This the Crowd?

Of course the casual fans were more excited near the end of the set with the 'hits,' and they came alive around that point. You heard the crowd drunkenly sing along to the choruses. The Deep Purple songs had some decent ovation and reaction, but you could tell the majority of the people didn't appreciate the deep cuts, which is a shame- but that's how it goes sometimes.

Here we Blur again

Overall, a solid show from Whitesnake with only the area being the real downer. I don't know what people see about Atlantic City that is so appealing. It was filthy, full of miscreants and drunks, had those stupid pushcarts, and I had the first person EVER say "no" to "can you take a photo of..." there.  Not to mention hotels being insanely expensive and not even that nice. I could go on, but Mr. Coverdale saved the weekend.


Whitesnake (8:11- 9:49)
  • Burn
  • Slide it In
  • Love Ain't No Stranger
  • Gypsy
  • Give Me All Your Love
  • You Keep Moving On
  • Forevermove
  • Guitar solos
  • Mistreated
  • You Fool No One
  • Drum solo
  • Is This Love?
  • Bad Boys
  • Here I Go Again
  • -
  • Still of the Night