Saturday, December 26, 2015

Brad Paisley/ Justin Moore / Mickey G @ Jiffy Lube Live 9/26/2015

I went to see Brad Paisley with Bret ($15 lawn) at Jiffy Lube Live. Yes, the HMC does enjoy some (pop) country from time to time. And a new tour to promote Moonshine in the Trunk, his latest, brought him back around. Unfortunately there was a bit of rain this evening, and I ended the life of a straw hat for this summer.

I have got to say that every time these country shows have a lot going on, tons of (turnt) people, lots of rednecks, some Confederate flags, shorts n boots, and quite a few (although not as many as I would have thought) cowboy hats.

Merchandise was varying from a $10 last year shirt (bright green), to like $40 for a current tour shirt. There were flags, coozies, bandanas, etc. etc. Straw Hats ($30), hoodies ($50?), and even a license place holder ($5) rounded out the lot. There were more than a few people queuing up for that merchandise in question.

As we entered the venue after some tailgating, Mickey Guyton was the first performer we saw. Immediately I thought she was interesting because she, unlike the majority of country performers, is black. Close your eyes and she sounded pretty similar to a few various other (white) singers, so unfortunately I didn't find her very memorable. She and her band sounded fine, and were entertaining enough, but I really thought her set was kind of forgettable, but she was noteworthy because of her background. The crowd seemed OK with it tho.

Justin Moore was up next, and I recalled a couple songs by him, but again nothing really that made me want to run out and get an album. He seemed to be a bit more popular with the crowd, but no one got really crazy. I think it says a bit about the pop country when you can probably interchange some groups and you'd be hard pressed to find much of a difference. Utterly forgettable, IMO.

Finally, Brad Paisley came on stage, preceded by a ridiculous video intro. The crowd ate it up and was rather loud, much louder than they were for his openers. I have to say, Brad Paisley's unassuming nature, guitar heavy (well as heavy as you can be for country) sound, and cowboy hat are all winners in my book. He sounded about as great as he did last time and his backing band was spot on. I think the less distorted (than heavier shows) sounds a lot clearer thru the huge speakers they have at Jiffy Lube Live, which enhances the experience.

Unfortunately, about the time he got on, people were extra rowdy and I was having a great time- so that meant incomplete or scribbled notes. So I only have a piecemeal set, but throw in some more hits and then I'm sure it is close enough for government work. We had lights, videos, and an all around fab time. I believe he used a video of Carrie Underwood for her parts on"Remind Me," which was a bit odd, because it really was the same as using a tape, but it seemed to work. I think he had Mickey come out for a duet for another song, but I can't quite recall.

Overall, it was a pretty fun time, until we mistimed the end and ended up in Parking Lot Hell like usual at Jiffy Lube Live. sigh. That's always my problem with these large shows: people and traffic.

Next show: Sanctuary

Mickey Guyton (9:20- 10:49) (set should be something like the below

  • Forever Love
  • Somebody Else Will
  • Why Baby Why
  • Pretty Little Mustang
  • Cool Ya
  • Blame It on Your Heart
  • Better Than You Left Me
Justin Moore  (8:00- 8:50)

  • Point at You
  • How I Got to Be This Way
  • Til My Last Day
  • Bait A Hook
  • If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away
  • Small Town Throwdown
  • Lettin' the Night Roll
  • Backwoods
  • Small Town USA

Brad Paisley (9:14- 11) (partial)

  • ?
  • Water
  • Moonshine in the Trunk
  • ?
  • This is Country Music
  • I'm Still a Guy
  • ?She's Everything
  • Ticks
  • Country Nation
  • ?
  • Alabama
  • ?
  • Remind Me
  • ?
  • Waitin' On a Woman
  • Alcohol