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Lamb of God / Anthrax / Deafheaven @ Fillmore Silver Spring 1/17/2016

I went to see Lamb of God with Anthrax and Deafheaven at the Fillmore, Silver Spring ($45). This was a close to if not sold out show- tons of people were there. The rogue's gallery included Kris, Ariel, Ielm, Kris, Jen, Bridget, Dale, Sean, Annie,Scott, Victoria, James, Dwayne, Tom, and Gary!

Merchandise was pretty standard for this level of show ($30 shirts, ~$60 hoodies), and I didn't really see anything that I had to have. Looking back at the merch pics there are a lot of skulls. Looking at my laundry pile about 8/10 of music shirts have some skull imagery. Hrm,

I got there kind of late and saw the end of Deafheaven while trying to find a spot to stand. It was THAT packed. That was pretty annoying that I didn't really get to compare how they were to last time. I can't really say much except that they sounded heavy and were impossible to see. I am pretty sure they are still hipsters who are laughing all the way to the bank.

You're ANTI... YOu're ANTI

Anthrax (who was the first metal band to headline the Fillmore Silver Spring) was up next. I think they always have put on a live show, but this time they seemed to have an uneven set. The inclusion of their popular and predictable covers was IMO a bit annoying. Somehow these cover songs got the biggest pops out of all their songs this evening.



My favourite track was "In the End," which is so striking live, especially with the eerie bells. This was a tribute to the legend Ronnie James Dio, featured on the backdrop. Out of the image is Dimebag Darrell on the other backdrop.

Scott Ian

Scott Ian was pretty infectious with his energy. After all these years with that ridiculous goatee... Whatever the case I thought they sounded great.

When I get that old I hope to be rocking out

 Sorely missed was "I am the Law." Can't win 'em all. Also I find it endearing that Joey Belladona has stuck with his 80's thrash bangs since... well the 80s. He still has the pipes, so even if he looks a bit....dated and weathered, I can't complain about his performance!


Lamb of God was solid as always, and the place just erupted when they took the stage. Randy Blythe had a bit of trouble in the Czech Republic, but we'd seen LoG in 2015. I was up closeish but to the right (aka the standard side), so I didn't get many good photos, but the experience was still great. Lamb of God is one of the giants of more "modern" metal, and with the energy that they bring it's easy to see why.
Looks metal to me

I always forgot that their bassist, John Campbell, is really only 40ish. It's a bit odd to think about that, as he looks like he's way older with the white hair. Randy Blythe is growing out his hair into some pretty horrible dreadlocks. The rest of the band is rounded out with long hair and mountain man beards.

Setlist was good, but I still haven't heard the newest one enough to really recognize many songs, so that was a slight, but understandable complication. I think they played about an hour and 20/30 (My notes are a bit incomplete). Overall it was a very good time, but I still would not get caught in their mosh. They did somehow get the crowd to do Ric Flair WOOs! many times too

Next show: Fleshgod Apocalypse !!!

Anthrax  (8:45ish- 9:38)

  • Fight 'em 'Til You Can't
  • Caught in a Most
  • Got the Time (Joe Jackson cover)
  • Antisocial (Trust cover)
  • Evil Twin
  • In the End
  • Indians
  • Among the Living

Lamb of God (?- 11:30)

  • Desolation
  • 512
  • Walk with Me in Hell
  • Still Echoes
  • Ruin
  • The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion
  • Overlord
  • The Faded Line
  • Now You've Got Something to Die For
  • Set to Fail
  • Blacken the Cursed Sun
  • Erase This
  • Vigil
  • Laid to Rest
  • Redneck


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