The Heavy Metal Cowboy

This blog is written and maintained by me for fun, record keeping, and to share setlists/experiences.  I go to a lot of concerts, and I love music in general, but heavy music in specific. The live concert experience not only provides hearing and seeing your favourite musicians do their thing in real life.  Some are better than others and everyone has their off days, but that unpredictability and sense of "what's going to happen" in most cases is exhilarating!

My favourite genre of shows to go to is heavy metal, classic or true in specific. I also love power, folk, and melodic death metal.

I've been going to shows since 2001, when my brother took me to Rammstein for my birthday.  I went to several shows after that, but didn't really start exercising my freedom and drive to do so until 2011.  I started this blog in 2012, and that's the story thus far

I usually update metalsetlists.com, tumblr, and setlist.fm with original content, linked back to here.  I usually take notes during shows and then update the setlist.fm with that info. However, sometimes people beat me to setlist.fm and/or have more knowledge about some bands (the death metal stuff that is difficult to differentiate SOME songs in particular).  I'll credit/link those items when applicable.

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