Here are some fun links that are (mostly) local to the DC/VA/MD area I think a metal music fan may find useful or informative.
  • DC Heavy Metal- The premiere site for Heavy music in the DC/VA/MD area. Metal Chris really loves the METAL!  He doesn't like hair bands/ some hard rock, so LEAVE THE HALL if you are looking for that stuff there
  • Rock and Roll Experience- Maryland based (more Baltimore shows!) from Bob. I like that he's got a similar style of writing (fun, humor!), but doesn't go into as much detail. He does get photos passes and stuff, tho, so you'll get some nice pics!
  • NOVA Metal Review- my friend Neil's blog. He's had a bit more experience with the music business and has been to tons of shows and is a more... refined... writer than me 
  • Underground Web World- another local DC/VA/MD listing of shows and other stuff. They WILL have hard rock/hair bands in addition to metal, if you need a fuller listing of shows
  • Metal Maiden - A lot of news articles, particularly about heavy music, the webmistress is local to DC/VA/MD, and will feature local stuff when she can!
  • Shockwave Magazine - Heavy music news, a bit more hard rock on this actually. Still a good site, also a smaller, local site.
  • Metallomusikum - Local blog, focusing on BLACK METAL. Great author, way more kvlt than me :(
  • Scrapyard Magazine- Local blog, focusing on more underground death metal, grind, some obscure stuff, but the author is really into that stuff, some good reads.
  • In My Winter Castle- Local blogger who writes some reviews of the metal shows she goes to. Not nearly as many as I do, but a different viewpoint

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