Monday, October 20, 2014

Tony MacAlpine / Travis Larson Band/ LoNero @ Jammin Java 10/19/2014

Upon recommendation from T.J., I went to see technical guitar virtuoso Tony MacAlpine at Jammin' Java ($25). I saw T.J, his wife, Christine and Paul, Ariel, and Juan there. As this was a Sunday night, all instrumental bands, kind of short notice, and I'd not been back here (and never seen a show here) in a while, I wasn't sure how all these things would flow together if at all!

Tony MacAlpine, Bjorn, and Aquilies Priester !

Thursday, October 16, 2014

King Diamond / Jess and the Ancient Ones @ the Fillmore Silver Spring 10/13/2014

I went to see the legendary King Diamond ($35) at the Fillmore, Silver Spring. This was basically THE Metal show of the year- nearly everyone was there- Ariel y Ilem, Dwanye, Rod, Dickie, James, Marysol y Mark, Yave y Sara, Kyler, Ethan, Miss Victoria, Miss Lindsey, Marie, Robinmerch, Gori y Omar, Alex T, Henry, other Henry, Sean, Dorothy, Bridget P, Greekgirl, A Josh of Thunder, Tony Dio, Chris C, Luke, and Tom. I know others were there but I didn't see in person- Neil and Michelle, Nina, Jesse, Chris Crazy Wolf, Metal Chris, Gerber, and more I'm sure! Many people had been waiting since 2005 (last at Jaxx apparently), and more had been waiting... longer!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Suffocation / Kataklysm / Jungle Rot/ Pyrexia @ Empire 10/10/2014

I went to see Suffocation and co at Empire ($20). There were originally  11 (!) bands slotted to play from around 6. I saw Nids, Scott, Sean, Jason, Miss Lindsey, Blake, Ariel y Ilem, Nathan w/ a J, Alie, Chris Crazy Wolf, Dorothy, Dan G., Brian B, Matt R, Luke, Renae, AND Metal Chris there. I had Seen Suffocation last in February up in Baltimore.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lacuna Coil / Devil You Know/ Unlocking the Truth @ the Fillmore 10/8/2014

I went to see Lacuna Coil ($30) at the Fillmore, Silver Spring and met up with Bridget and Mari (AGAIN), Russell, Scott, Ray,a nd boot brother TJ! It was a pretty small group but it was fun hanging. The last time that I saw Lacuna Coil was earlier this year on the "hottest chicks in hard rock tour, and the turnout wasn't near sold out (and they didn't headline either), so I was expecting a pretty light night.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Within Temptation / Amaranthe at Rams Head Live 10/7/2014

I went to see Within Temptation ($30) at the Rams Head Live. They brought the amazing Amaranthe with them this time. Last time, I went to PA to see them.  I had seen WT in 2011 last. I met up with Bridget D, Mari, their sisters, Spencer, Ray, PhotoRay, Lindqvist, Danica, and I think Bobbie and Nick were there too. This evening there was also Butcher Babies at Soundstage and Deicide /Inquisition/ Spetic Flesh/ Carach Angran at Empire, but that didn't prevent this show from being pretty packed!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Coheed and Cambria @ the FIllmore, Silver Spring 9/23/2014

I went to see Coheed and Cambria at the Fillmore ($35!) for their Neverender (aka play the full album)  of "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3." I guess it is the 11 year anniversary of its release. I met up with Scott, Stacey, Timmy, Oksana, and Nate. This as a sold out show a few months before the show, so you know it as gonna be crazy. The last time they came around as on my birthday, and it was an excellent show!
Cousin It Claudio Sanchez

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Eluveitie / Tyr / Metsatöll @ Baltimore Soundstage 9/19/2014

I went with L and Kate to see Paganfest Jr. - featuring Eluveitie, Tyr, and Metsatöll  at the Baltimore soundstage (~$20). I will say that I was not expecting nearly the crowd that was there. I saw so many people- Dan Paytas, Megan, Ethan, Kris, Jen P, Erika,Scott, Bridget, Kris, Russ, Sarah and Evan, Lex, Dorothy, Ariel y Ilem, Nathan with a J, Daniel G w/ Ben, Inga, and Sean, Greekgirl, Brittany,Larry and his brother, Lynn,Robin and Jennifer and Gat, and maybe someone else. Kevin, Victoria, and Jason were there too, but I didn't see them in the throng. Oh and that's only the people I KNOW, because there were like 700+ people there. Also this was the first night of the Origins North American tour! apparently this was a sold out show, as Eluvietie just posted it.