Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dark Tranquillity / Insomnium / Aurelian @ Empire 1/5/2015

I went to see Dark Tranquillity with Insomnium at Empire ($20) for the first metal show of the year (pretty early this year!)! This ended up being a very well attended show, and I saw Ariel y Ielm, James, Dwayne, Chena, D'Andre, Sean, Jason, Patricia Lynn, Annie, Chris Crazy-Wolf, Danica, Lauri, Scott, Kyler, Elyse, and Mike A.G, Dorothy, Catherine, and of course Metal Chris.

Dark Tranquillity- The Science of Melodic Death Metal

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Restrospective

2014 Retrospective

In 2014, I went to a TON of shows and spent a lot of money, and had a ton of fun! Overall a great year for shows, friends, and music in general. Let's hope 2015 is even better (but perhaps a little cheaper!). Overall a pretty great year with a wide variety of music (mostly heavy!). Well, without further ado, here we go:

Tate Ball Z: Spirit Ball- one of my favourite photos of the year

Sunday, December 14, 2014

HIM / Motionless in White @ Fillmore, Silver Spring 12/12/2014

I went to see HIM (a pricey $38) with my buddy Tony at the Fillmore, Silver Spring. I saw Robin and Marie there, but not many other familiar faces. My buddy had seen HIM before, many years ago, but I never managed to see them until tonight. I think that this Finnish goth rock/metal band has consistently put out solid albums, albeit a bit more on the emo/mopey/mushy side of lyrics, and I thought they'd be great live. And at the Fillmore, you know it was going to sound pretty fabulous! Initially it was just HIM on this tour when it was announced, and at some point they added Wounds and Motionless in White, neither of which I was excited for.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Crowbar / Unearth/ Black Crown Initiate / Yesterday's Saints @ Empire 12/7/2014

I went to see Black Crown Initiate on their tour w/ Crowbar and Unearth ($18.50). I was on the fence about this show because I like BCI but was kind of meh on the others. I ended up going, as you can tell. There were a decent number of people there- I saw Chris Crazy-Wolf, Kris, Bridget, Dale, Matt R, J. Oliver, Ashleigh~, Dorothy, and Kyler there.

Iris Divine / MindMaze/ Division / Vitality @ Cafe 611 12/6/2014

I went to see Iris Divine with other bands up in Frederick at Cafe 611 ($10). I was pretty excited because both MindMaze and Iris Divine have new albums that were recently released. This was going to be an uptick to a pretty dark and dreary rainy night. I did see a few people I knew there- Tom, Bobbie and Nick, The Teets, and Chris J.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Death to All / Obituary / Massacre @ Empire 12/3/2014

I went to see Death to All (aka Near Death) w/ Obituary (and others) ($25) at Empire. I saw a lot of people at what seemed to be a huge Death Metal show- Miss Lindsey, Ariel y Ilem, James, Yave y Sara, Sean, Jason, Rene, Nathan w/ a J, Alie, Kris, Daniel G and Nick, Matt R, Kyler, Dorothy, Omar, Ruby, Catherine, and Metal Chris of course. This is kind of an odd tour because Death really isn't a band anymore, and the members of Death to All are playing all old Death songs, kind of like a tribute or cover band. Now I'm not complaining because this is the closest many of us will get to hear Death songs live. This was a packed show, I was surprised given the low turnout last time at the Fillmore. Looking at it  now, it seemed that 300 at the Fillmore is pretty full for Empire. So this venue was a better fit for this package.

Whoa is this Empire?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Exodus / Yesterday's Saints @ Empire 11/24/2014

I went to see Exodus ($17) on a one-off date from their tour with Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies at Empire. For a Monday night, Exodus drew very well. I think if this was a weekend, it would have been closer to selling out. I saw a bunch of people there- Ariel y Ielm, Sara y Yave, James, Rod, Dwayne, Jose, Neil and Michelle, Kyler, Alie and Nathan w/ a J, Kris, Erika, Miss Lindsey, Dorothy, Matt R, Zach O, Ruby, Marc, Sean, Marie, Steve Harris, GreekGirl, Catherine, and of course Metal Chris! It was great seeing the whole metal family (or many of them!) at this show, and on a crappy Monday night to boot!