Friday, March 16, 2012

Children of Bodom @ Ram's head Live 3/4/2012

3/4/2012 Milla n I saw Children of Bodom live @ Ram's head Live. Revocation and Eluveitie opened for them. We got there and Revocation had been playing for a little bit. We used the restroom and then checked out the merch tables.  It was pretty crowded, people on balconies, filling up the main floor. Saw Dorothy and that guy with really long hair (Scott) here- both of which were at the Deicide show (and later at the Iced Earth show- coming soon). I think there was another band before Revocation but we didn't care about them/showed up after they finished. Merchandise they had was kinda meh, and I was not impressed with the COB shirts. Bought an Eluveitie shirt for Milla and their new CD.
We watched the last half of Revocation from the merch table. They were alright. I didn't think they were that great. Not bad, but not worth getting worked up over. Best part was when the front man was talking about one song that was about Valhalla or something similar (allegedly). He then proceeded to growl "ITS LIKE SKYRIM...but the DRAGONS have TITS!" Hilarious. Setlist is a guess from other sets reported on the tour.

Revocation photo

Eluveitie came on next with about 12 people on stage. Very interesting to see and hear the different folk instruments...except that the drums were too loud and drowned out the flutes and hurdy gurdy and whatever else they were using more often than not. I still thought they were good. The crowd was pretty receptive, but unsure of moshing to folk metal for some reason. Milla was way more familiar with their stuff and enjoyed their set a bit more. I took the setlist from as I could not tell you what songs they played except for that Zelda song (Epona..well makes me think of Zelda). There was totally an all girl pit at one point for them or for COB (can't recall)

Eluveitie photos

Children of Bodom finally came on after we secured a place near the middle of the back. Over the show we steadily were pushed back and ended up at the back of the right side, near the ramp (what a bad place). Children of Bodom sounded great, and may have been better than the last time I saw them. Pulling out some old favourites that I don't think I've heard them do live before (Kissing...) was excellent. Alexi sounded a bit more precise this time as well, which helped his guitar playing. Near the end of the set, Eluveitie came out and set up a table with a mixer, some liquor and were making some manner of shots and/or mixed drinks for COB. A really good setlist, I could have done with BODOM BEACH TERROR, but what can you do?

Children of Bodom photos


Age Of Iniquity
Dismantle The Dictator
Across Forests & Fjords
Conjuring The Cataclysm
No Funeral

Everything Remains As It Never Was
Kingdom Come Undone
A Rose For Epona
Meet The Enemy
Quoth The Raven
Inis Mona

Last band of the night, CHILDREN OF BODOM!!!!!! This was now my 8th times seeing them live, and as I've always said, they never disappoint live. For the longest time everytime I've seen them, nothing ever topped the first time I saw them in 2006 at the Kool Haus headlining for Are You Dead Yet? But after last night, I think we have a new best Bodom show. They just played the show of their lives and the setlist for this tour is just amazing Plus they played 2 song I have never seen live before. Bodom = AWESOME

Are You Dead Yet?
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Kissing The Shadows
Shovel Knockout
Living Dead Beat
Everytime I Die
Deadnight Warrior
Hate Me!
Angels Don't Kill
In Your Face
Lake Bodom
Hate Crew Deathroll
Bodom After Midnight