Friday, March 2, 2012

Deicide/ Jungle Rot / Abigail Williams/ Lecherous Nocturne / Krass Judgement @ Empire (Jaxx/ Jaxxpire) 3/1/2012

I went to see Deicide and Jungle Rot at Empire (formerly JAXX...Jaxxpire?). First time I'd been back since Korpiklaani in December. The JAXX sign is now EMPIRE (Empire!) and there is a lot of new, modern/clean looking improvements/changes. New paint pretty much everywhere. Only one staff member from the 'old guard' there- The sound dude. The ticket booth now is an actual booth. There were a couple other places where a similar 'booth' was erected- with a black top and silver metal looking paneling. There is a small stage in the back bar, and both bars were stripped down. A couple easy to read whiteboards or some signs were visible near them advertising drink specials. The bathrooms (well the mens at least) have tile, the urinal trough is gone, and it seemed CLEAN in there. There was a huge banner in the back of the stage that said EMPIRE (EMPIRE!) and some big flags of their new tiger mascot were on the sides of the stage. Staff was attentive and no problems to report when I got a Michael Schenker ticket. Seems like a change for the better...

Another change I noticed was that things seemed way more on time than usual JAXX time... The set changes seemed to take about 1/3 less time- I wish I had timed things. There was an actual time schedule posted on the side of the speakers- and the numbers there were pretty accurate. This (and the bathrooms) was a big improvement IMO. We'll see if the Schenker show next week will be as smooth.

I got there a bit too early (7:45 or so), and saw most of the set for Krass Judgement (Thrashy Death Metal). They were decent, I in particular enjoyed the guitarist shredding. He looked like a young Jeff H. from Slayer. There was some seemingly random big boned black guy backing up/helping on some of the guttural vocals (and did fine in that respect). He seemed a little out of place, and at one point came down tot he floor and tried to invoke a pit.

Krass Judgement photos

Lecherous Nocturne came on next, and they sounded like some sort of black/death metal combo. The vocalist was extra unintelligible and the music didn't sound particularly great IMO. I disliked their set.

Abigail Williams came on after a quick set change, and I was not sure what to expect. They had some sort of 'core' or death sound but I know they recently shifted gears to a black metal sound. And apparently a chick who knew/was photographing the previous band informed me that they had gone thru NUMEROUS lineup changes... They sounded like some sort of atmospheric black metal- with tracks that are probably off that newest album (which is in that style). I know the last song is def "Beyond...". I am assuming that the rest of their setlist is the same as from some December shows... I think they were better than Lecherous Nocturne, but I don't think I was in the mood for this atmospheric type music so I didn't enjoy their set too much.

Jungle Rot was next (and they had speakers with their logo emblazoned on them). I was pretty excited to see them- had not seen them live before. They sounded very good and were the highlight of the show for me. I def banged my head a lot during their set. They got the crowd moving and some actual pits rolled out.

Abagail Williams and Jungle Rot photos

Deicide came on around 11PM and the floor got a lot fuller, and they all seemed pumped to see these dudes. They were very loud, but a quite bit unintelligible (perhaps more than anticipated). I think they sounded way better on the album (I was also way tired by that point and not sure if that affected the sonic review) and I think I would say I was a bit disappointed. The crowd seemed a bit dead compared to Jungle Rot and all the moshing after the 4th or so song. The pits that Deicide had dried up after that... quite odd. I stayed for what I predict was about half of their set.

Deicide photos

Overall I'm glad I went (tho I could have taken my time eating a bit more X__X)

There was some idiot doing some sort of martial arts posing with his moshing/stomping around/hardcore dancing. I had never seen something like what he was doing at a show before. It was like he was doing some Kung Fu poses in between stomping around. I mostly avoiding getting caught in a mosh.

Krass Judgement
  • Come and See
  • Vengeance
  • Crack
  • Unwanted

Lecherous Nocturne
  • ? no clue

Abagail Williams
  • ? (maybe Ascension Sickness)
  • ? (maybe Radiance)
  • Beyond the Veil

Jungle Rot
  • Intro
  • ?
  • Blood Ties
  • Demon Souls
  • Worst Case Scenario
  • Misplaced Anger
  • Let them Die
  • Rise up & Revolt
  • Fight or Die
  • Strong Shall Survive
  • ? (sounded like he said "Carbomb")

  • Homage for Satan
  • Dead by Dawn
  • Once Upon the Cross
  • Scars of the Crucifix
  • --
  • When Satan Rules His World
  • Serpents of the Light
  • Save Your
  • Hang in Agony Until You're Dead
  • Conviction
  • Blame It on God
  • They Are the Children of the Underworld
  • Death to Jesus
  • Witness of Death
  • Desecration
  • < at this point I left to go home and sleep>
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