Friday, March 16, 2012

Michael Schenker Group @ Jaxxpire 3/7/2012

I went to see Michael Schenker Group (featuring Robin McAuley) at Jaxxpire (Empire, formerly Jaxx) and it was great! My buddy Tony was a bit sick and my brother was way too tired from work, so it was just me :"(
Dorothy was at this show too X__X; I think we almost headbanged into each other during DOCTOR. DOCTOR \m/  The crowd was older and not that many people. probably a little over 100 people (JaxxPire holds like 500).  Is nice going to a show and not worrying about getting caught in a mosh.

I got there as the opener was finishing (sounded a little like AC/DC )...and so there was a bit of time to wait. The merch booth had autographed photos, maybe a drum head, and a weak t shirt ($30 if I remember correctly).

Robin looked pretty good for however old he is  AND sang very well...Schenker looked a bit decrepit but played flawlessly, hunched over his flying V. He had the rhythm guitarist he had last time- the one that looked like Dimebag. Nothing to complain about in the rhythm section. I somehow forgot Schenker always is on the right side of the stage and I was in the middle instead... Highlights for me were the lone McAuley Schenker song (so good, highly underrated) and the Scorpions stuff. Overall a great show that I wish more people had been able to make. Oh well

set 1 , set 2, set 3

They only played 1 McauleySG song :/  a couple of Scorpions songs, one new MSG, several old MSG, and a lot of UFO songs

01. Into the Arena
02. Armed and Ready
03. Lovedrive
04. Another Piece of Meat
05. Lover's Sinfony
06. Save Yourself
07. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
08. Rock My Nights Away
09. Shoot Shoot
10. Love to Love
11. Too Hot to Handle
12. Let It Roll
13. Natural Thing
14. Lights Out

15. On and On
16. Rock Bottom
17. Doctor Doctor