Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Sound of Thunder @ Empire, March 31,2012

Went Jaxxpire to see local band A Sound of Thunder's (ASOT) album release party for their new album. Went with John and we got there a bit early (they threw in another band that I didn't know about, so my time estimates were thrown off). Saw some people there who went to PAGANFEST this past Thursday as well. Overall there were about 50 or so people there (about as much as Anvil's crowd...maybe more).

We heard the last 2 songs of Death Penalty's set- Josh (of ASOT) was playing guitar for them- maybe he is in that band too? Their guitar work was good and I could not dislike their cover of Paranoid.

A Cab Ride Home came on next and I was a bit underwhelmed. They did not seem to have the vocalist that they had last time, and he was underage. This part was hilarious cause he was shouting about drinking beer and holding one up during a song or 2... and he clearly had an 'X' on his hand (and had no wristband allowing drinks). They were not great- some decent guitar work, but the vocals were bad IMO. They did an OK cover of "Episode 666," citing the reason "Because In Flames won't play it anymore." Hilarious. They had a small crowd (10-15 people) on the rail moving decently. On their last song, about half their audience was invited on stage.

I got some CDs and a photo with ASOT at about this time. Josh recognized me  (and my Rainbow shirt), so that was fun. They had a lot more merch this time (or it was displayed better?)- shirts, CDs, patches, etc.

Chopper Trike Rebels had a lot of Motorhead imagery (Motorhead-skull looking thing, inside a spade shape...), but sounded more like...Damageplan...of all bands. Some OK guitar work, but rather generic rumbling sound throughout. :/  There was not much of a crowd on the rail (maybe 6 people?) during their set...

 FINALLY ASOT came on around 10:45 (a little bit late) and they sounded very good as the other times I've seen them. They played a lot of new stuff (to promote their new album, of course!), and I really have no complaints except that Nina (singer) needs to have some sort of different mixing on her vocals to make it crisper. The power is there and she has no trouble with being on key or anything like that- just would be nice (for me) to hear some crisper words. Josh shredded thru the whole set. The other guys sounded good too- solid rhythm section indeed. 

photos forthcoming


Death Penalty
Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)

A Cab Ride Home 
Episode 666 (in Flames cover)
One Last Liver

Chopper Trike Rebels
Last Rites

A Sound of Thunder
Tubular bells intro
Queen of Hell
Fight until the End
The Night Witch
Out of the Darkness
Guitar Solo (w/ Balls to walls , The Sentinel, 2 minutes to midnight...more)
The Day I Die
Calat Alhambra
Drum solo (DAMMIT...)
Kill That Bitch
Murderous Horde
A Sound of Thunder
Blood Vomit