Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sabaton @ Empire- 5/21/2012

Went to see Sabaton @ Empire (Jaxx) with Milla n John. Got some cheap tickets from local favourites A Sound of Thunder, so that was even better. About one hundred people were there (kind of a poor turnout, but it was a Monday and it was raining earlier). The good part about that was that there was plenty of personal space then! I think attendance may have also been affected by the show in Baltimore the previous night. I don't know how that show was how many people went to that one, but a couple people who did go then were here too!

As we got there, we heard some sort of string music, sounding like masterpiece theatre. Very surreal. I think it was the...interesting... choice of opening band 'Amphibious Apes' some sort of avant /indie band. We stayed in the hallway and chatted with Josh from ASOT instead.

Eventually we made our way in to see what merch there was and um drinks of course. Sabaton had some CDs, including their double live (all $15@), so I made a note to get that one later. They had 3 patches for $10@, and some t shirts that I didn't think were particularly interesting. ASOT had their usual stuff and some new wristband. I think I was expecting more shirts for Sabaton.

ASOT came on a little after 8:30 and played until about 9:20 or so. They played mostly newer stuff (which was mostly fine cause their new album is very good). Milla was trying to start a pit, but I didn't think there were any really great moshing times. At one point, Nina demanded to see the best windmill. I had no chance, but Milla, with hair down to her waist was a sure winner. A girl who looks like she doesn't go to metal shows was pretty active and they threw her a shirt. I think that was fine cause  hey, lets make a new fan. We already come to all the shows :3  ASOT sounded good as usual, but their set seemed shorter than usual.

Sabaton when played their opening intro (Europe's "The Final Countdown", I'm sure other people were singing along we me... I think). They stormed out to the stage with energy equal to if not more than last year's performance (at Jaxx). With that much anticipation and energy flowing i don't see how anyone would not have a great time!  They sounded good from the right side of the floor, but then I went to my usual back/middle spot and the sound was a lot more even. I was headbanging constantly.

Setlist wise, it was good to have some different songs from last time, but I really wanted to hear "Screamin' Eagles" :(  Regardless, it was a pretty well rounded set. Some of their songs work very well with the crowd participation ("Swedish Pagans"). I mean there was so much positive energy that they got me jumping up an down ("Primo Victoria" I think) and *very* briefly in the pit ("Attero Dominatus" I think).

Sabaton had a bunch of new people (google for the band drama), but I detected no weak links. On oddities-
  • There was what looked to be a faux vagina (part of a fleshlight?) on one of their mic stands
  • There was a huge stuffed orange animal that the singer was holding up at one point on stage near the end
  • a roadie w/ a sombrero stumbled on the stage during "Metal Crue"
  • the singer put on some shirt that  someone threw up at the stage (a um Saw IV shirt I think), soaked it with his sweat and threw it back
  • Getting a shout out during "Metal Crue"
My favourite part- during "Metal Crue," near the end, the singer got up on the monitor and is looking out on the crowd, and points at me and My Rainbow- "Long Live Rock N Roll" shirt and motions back and forth across his chest (indicating he's seeing /reading my shirt)- and "the RAINBOW takes you Home!" Since "Metal Crue" is one of their tribute songs to other bands they like/were influenced from and RAINBOW is one of those bands, it was a nice touch. I was totally marking out after that \m/

A Sound of Thunder photos
Sabaton photos

I think all had a great time. I mean at least John and I were totally still pumped the next day from this \m/


A Sound of Thunder
  • Tubular Bells intro
  • ? (older song..Walls?)
  •  Fight til the end
  • Night Witch
  • Calat Alhambra
  • Murderous Horde
  • Out of the Dark
  • A Sound of Thunder

  • The Final Countdown (intro tape \m/)
  • Intro: The March to War
  • Ghost Division
  • Uprising
  • 40:1
  • Cliffs of Gallipoli
  • Midway
  • The Art of War
  • Into the Fire
  • Carolus Rex
  • Swedish Pagans 
  • Attero Dominatus
  • The Price of a Mile
  • Coat of Arms
  • Primo Victoria
  • Metal Crue
alt version: